Technique and musicality are on the program of this reunion of three exceptional musicians.
OLIVEGES - 26.03.2020 -
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Each visit of The Aristocrats to Paris in general and to the Alhambra in particular remains an event, especially when the room in question is almost full, which is to be underlined by the current times. 

For the neophytes, this progressive rock / jazz fusion band is composed of exceptional musicians starting with the fabulous Guthrie Govan on guitar accompanied by the spectacular Marco Minnemann on drums and the remarkable Bryan Beller on bass. It is another guitar genius (Greg Howe) who was to officiate in 2011 and by a happy coincidence, it is finally Guthrie Govan who came to complete this unique trio. 

Indeed, we are probably facing three of the best musicians in the world, or at least the most inventive ones. These three musicians are unique with a totally atypical style and with a strong musical and technical personality. Each of them has played separately or together with the greatest artists (notably Steven Wilson) and offer with The Aristocrats a music which - for sure - is not necessarily easy to access for everyone.

Their music is unclassifiable, taking a multitude of different paths and flirting with the frontiers of rock, jazz fusion and progressive without claiming a unique style, a bit like what King Crimson did in the 70s.

They started their set with a track from their debut eponymous album with a 'Blues Fuckers' that immediately got the audience into the swing of things. 

The trio follow up directly afterwards with the first three tracks of their latest album "You Know What...?" where each one makes a long and often very funny speech before each track as they are used to do. Remember in 2015 at La Maroquinerie for those who were, the band was talking a lot about Bryan Beller and a fan surprised and even shocked the audience when this fan yelled "Shut up and play!". which was very funny at the time but has been a running gag ever since. 

Each track on the four studio albums takes on another dimension live where audacity is present in every note, where improvisation is never far away and where originality is permanent. The technical level of the protagonists is just indescribable and they play in all humility without giving unnecessary demonstrations. 

The show is amazing with the omnipresence of Bran Beller who regularly intervenes between the tracks and makes a link between each song. This allows to keep a permanent contact with the audience and a relaxed atmosphere - which is particularly judicious and necessary when we know that the proposed tracks are generally quite long.

Guthrie Govan's digression will include Deep Purple's 'Lazy' on the track 'Last Orders' (still from the last album "You Know What...?") but above all a vibrant tribute to Rush and more precisely to his legendary drummer - Neil Peart - by Marco Minneman in the middle of a solo.

The concert comes to an end with the eleventh track "Smuggler's Corridor" (taken from "Tres Caballeros") after almost 2 hours of a very high quality performance (but is it a surprise coming from The Aristocrats?). 

These three musicians are aliens from today's progressive rock scene, and attending a concert by The Aristocrats is a unique experience. If you want to discover their universe and enrich yourself musically, this band is made for you.

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THE ARISTOCRATS: You Know What...?
Their coming back was unexpected! And yet, 15 years after their second album, Hansi Kürsch and Jon Schaffer are back with a third opus that the singer of Blind Guardian came to present to you.
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