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The singer of the phenomenon 'Lost On You' is back with a new album called "Churches" for a colorful interview!
DARIALYS - 26.11.2021 -
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Laura Pergolizzi, better known under the pseudonym "LP", is certainly part of these artists who took advantage of the free time granted by the confinement at the beginning of last year to work on a new album. With a casual and even provocative look, it's a more sensitive personality than it seems to be, which is revealed during the interview that we suggest you to discover today.

Hello LP! We like to start our interviews on Music Waves with the following question: what is the question you've been asked too many times and that you're tired of answering?

LP: I'm not tired of it, but one question I do get asked all the time is, "Is it different to write songs for other people and for yourself?" It's kind of sweet! Is that the question you wanted to start the interview with? (Laughs).

No! You can check the list of questions if you want! And there's another one that I guess you've been asked a lot: how do you recover from a hit like 'Lost On You'? Or: how do you keep your feet on the ground after such a success?

(Laughs) Well... You know, I'm very grateful to have a song like 'Lost On You' to be on my repertoire. I think that song was really me, it has all the aspects of my voice. I lay all my cards on the table with that song.


Your latest release is the new album, "Churches", which contains no less than 16 tracks. What explains your generosity, which is quite unusual nowadays when artists prefer to release EPs or albums with ten tracks?

(Laughs) First of all, we had a lot of free time! I don't know about you, but I had a lot of time at my disposal. Instead of drinking 4 bottles of wine a day I was drinking more than 2 bottles to write these songs!

The general listening of the album has a soothing effect, as if this break that was imposed by the pandemic had benefited you, after these undoubtedly tiring tours, away from your family or friends, these permanent mediatic invitations... Is it the case?

Yes, it is a sacrifice! It helped me to tidy up my life a bit.

Besides this general aspect, "Churches" is in the plural as if each of the titles were a kind of church in which to take refuge to find a kind of relief, especially regarding the period we have been through. Do you understand that we can view the album as such?

"Churches, to me, is a metaphor for what is sacred to us. It's a representation of what is important to us, what we believe in. I believe in God and I pray every day.

We have talked about self-soothing and we have the impression that with you, each album is a kind of therapy in which you put yourself naked (and almost today especially on the cover). Is it to say that to be an artist it is essential to have a form of shamelessness which can be for itself a catharsis?

I think it's good to have strong opinions in art from time to time! It's good to have this or that preference, and to get naked as you say. There was Cat Stevens, for example, who put herself out there by denouncing her previous work. But it's normal, people change!

In this album, there is a track called 'My Body' which seems to me to be a track about self-acceptation. Have you ever suffered from criticism or wounds yourself? And can we see this track as a response to these pains?

(Laughs) It's funny because you're the second one to ask me that question. I just wrote this song because I didn't have enough sex in my life! I needed to have sex! If you can't give it to me I'll find someone else! That was the idea! (Laughs). But that's what's great about music! Dave Grohl once said something like : "it's great to write a song and have 20 000 people singing it in front of you, all having a different interpretation". If anyone thinks this song is about body acceptance, I'd love it! But in general, my top 3 are alcohol, sex and rock'n'roll!

At the end of the album is 'Poem' which is a short one minute song about a poem. You resume in this text all the titles of the album. Moreover, at the beginning, the introduction seems to be a tape that we rewind. Can we also see "Churches" as a pop concept album (a concept that we see more in the progressive rock from which you are perhaps inspired like Kate Bush for example)?

Yes, I think there is a conceptual side to it. It's the first time I've done this with an intro and an outro. I really had a lot of time on my hands for the first time since things have taken off for me a bit. I have written more songs than usual. I have enough to make between 6 and 8 singles, it never happens. There are some songs that are a little bit different like 'When We Touch' which is the last one I wrote about the pandemic. So I'm wondering what it's going to sound like on stage when I sing that song!

The first single, 'The One That You Love', almost makes me think of a song in a James Bond movie. Would you be interested in doing a movie soundtrack?

Oh my god, yes! In fact, I've even written a song for 'No Time To Die', the new James Bond film to be released in October 2021. I'm going to release it under my own name. I wrote it before Billie Eilish was asked to do a song for the film. I think she did a wonderful job. I keep writing songs that could be used in movies. I don't know if they will be selected, or when, maybe one day!

After having experienced difficulties at the beginning, leaving your solo career aside to write for others, you carried on, encouraged by the right people and resumed this career. Today, you seem happier than ever. How do you look back on your experience, and what does this mean for your future?

Everything I've been through has taught me that I'm very lucky to be where I am. I am very grateful.

And what would you say to the person you were 20 years ago?

"Stop worrying so much, take more drugs!" (Laughs)

Your voice is amazingly unique, we immediately know it's you singing when we hear you. When did you perceive the enormous potential of this asset that you modulate like a chameleon ?

Thank you! What I am most proud of in my career is that I have no resentment. And I think I have a responsibility to continue to compose for the people who appreciate me.

There is a particular relationship to acoustics and sobriety as in the compositions 'Rainbow' or 'Churches'. It's also a way for you to keep a certain freshness and a proximity with your public?

Me, I'm sober? (Laughs). Rainbow' is about my relationship with my ex-fiancée, which was one of my major traumas. It touched the same emotional chord as when I had problems with my father at the time. When something goes wrong in a relationship, I shut down, I can't move. Writing a song is part of the therapy. Churches' is my way of externalizing the problems in the world. I have a problem about something and I make a song about it.

It's interesting because you have the look of a funny, wild person, but you are still an artist with a fragile part in you.

Yes, thank you! I like the diversity of opinions, I don't want everyone to have the same opinion as me. Being different is good, and not accepting people as they are is not good.

We started the interview by asking you what was the question you were asked too often. Instead, what would you like me to ask you

(Laughs) Well I don't know because you asked some interesting questions and my brain is just overloaded!

Thank you very much!

Merci beaucoup !

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Je ne connais pas du tout cette chanteuse. Mais de ce que j'ai lu, mis à part le fait qu'elle nous dit qu'elle boit du vin et qu'elle se force à montrer une image d'elle "Rock'n'roll" (pour avoir l'air plus cool sur MW parce qu'on est un webzine rock & metal ? peut être, je n'en sais rien), je comprends pas trop l'agressivité du commentaire précédent. Avoir des réponses plus courtes que les questions, en interview, c'est assez courant et je vois pas où elle est prétentieuse (on a vu bien pire avec des artistes moins connus).
Je me suis inscrit ici juste pour pouvoir commenter cette interview : c'est hallucinant à quel point elle répond à côté de la plaque à tous les niveaux. Du storytelling bas de gamme qui ne donne aucunement envie de découvrir le disque, bien au contraire ; et c'était déjà plus ou moins le cas sur l'album précédent. Aucune sympathie pour cette femme prétentieuse et qui semble n'avoir aucune idée de la raison de son succès, ou - ce serait pire - au contraire le sait parfaitement, trop bien même.
Trop d'alcool... LP fait gaffe
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LP: Churches (2021)

LP's "Churches" is a pop album that is very much in tune with the times, retaining a touch of vintage authenticity on some tracks.
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