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TORPEDO - 01.04.2020 - (0) comment(s)
Now that the first bugs and anomalies have been fixed and the site seems to be running correctly, it's time to present a little bit of the evolutions made on MUSIC WAVES in this early 2020 .

Let's move on to the form and cosmetic aspects that you may have appreciated (or not) to tackle the substance. A lot of work has been done to improve the site's performance by removing ALL the grids that dotted the pages (they were in fact everywhere from the home page to the F.A.Q.). The grids are handy but only in a back-office because they are very greedy objects. They have been replaced by "repeater", a very light object that allows you to make lists (of columns, articles, news, etc). Still in order to follow the "good practices of a good webmaster", these lists are followed by a button "load more results" which is the mix between a paging click and an automatic loading when you reach the bottom of the page. Practical when you want to quickly see the last 30 news without waiting several minutes for the page to be displayed but not really ideal when you want to consult Music Waves from one end to the other by doing regular searches. That's why, very recently, another display mode has been added for computer users (and not mobile even if it is feasible), which allows you to enjoy a pagination and a page jump. It is accessible in the reviews, articles and news pages, just above the "Sort" options, by selecting "PAGES" in the "VIEW MODE".

The operating mode concerning the comments has evolved a little bit. Still for simplification reasons, there is no more reply to the comment. And for the moment you can no longer comment on a reader's opinion, but this is only temporary. Also the last comments on the home page are no longer visible, always to improve performance.

Regarding navigation, you now have a link in each review, article and news, going to the next and the previous one. Convenient to avoid coming back to the home page each time. The few biographies are now accessible in the reviews page (frmReviews.aspx) when you make a filter on an artist (one click in the page listing the reviews on the artist's name or in the production page frmReview.aspx). The release calendar now allows you to access the production files before the review is made to see the video and watch its information - or even listen to it on spotify. If the review is written, a small icon indicates it next to the title. Speaking of Spotify, the album IDs are currently being entered so that eventually all reviews will have a Spotify player. Why not Deezer or Amazon? The former unfortunately has a player that doesn't seem to be working properly and the latter is not yet mature enough. Finally, the search page condenses the results in one and the same list but you can make a filter at the top of the page to display only reviews/articles or news.

To conclude, there are many other things that have been reviewed and corrected in this , including the search in articles that did not return all results, some inconsistencies in the filters, etc. I'll pass you the SEO work (connoisseurs will understand) which is a good big delirium. 

It is possible (even probable) that anomalies or bugs remain. If you come across one of them, don't hesitate to contact us, either as a comment or by email at If you see areas for improvement, same thing. If you want to tell us that you appreciate our work, ditto. If you think the site was better before, ... you can keep that to yourself. There are often trade-offs between what users want, what is possible and what Google wants.

Enjoy, discover, listen and above all take care of yourself! 
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