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"The Belgian band Mindgames is back after five years of silence and this "Paradox of Choice" has everything to fulfil the hopes of impatient fans."
PETER HACKETT (23.12.2015)  
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If it is true that desire increases when the wait is prolonged, Mindgames will have increased the desire of its fans. Five years have elapsed since the release of the excellent "MMX", giving hope that this new opus is the fruit of intense creative and production work.

Only one change in the band's line-up, but a big one since it is the replacement of Rudy Vander Veken on lead guitar by Sandro Starita, and we know the important place of this instrument in Mindgames' music. The doubt about the consequences of this change is quickly removed when on the finale of 'The Whistle-Blower', the first musical track of the album, the first guitar solo appears, highlighting the technique and the feeling of the newcomer.

If the compositions don't really surprise, so much they remain in the neo-progressive rock style which is the Belgian combo's business, they reassure on its capacities to produce beautiful melodies powerfully interpreted. But don't imagine that everything is predictable because sometimes an unexpected break occurs, like this piano passage around the third minute of 'The Age of Plenty', which seems to have escaped from the intro of Genesis' 'The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway'.

This beautifully expressive piano is also present in the opening track of 'The Sand of Time', one of the most beautiful pieces of the album, if only for its first bars where the acoustic of the piano and the sensual sounds of the electric guitar quickly blend together. The title evolves thereafter towards a symphonism, very present on all the tracks, which here is not without evoking Landmarq.

In short, a great success for Mindgames which offers with this "Paradox Of Choice" a brilliant album, highlighting a great creativity, a perfect technical mastery and a very fine interpretation. This Belgian band deserves to be as famous as its British colleagues such as Landmarq, Pallas or Comedy Of Errors.
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01. Prologue - 00:20
02. The Whistle-Blower - 05:36
03. The Age Of Plenty - 11:17
04. Out Of Sight - 05:38
05. Revenge Of The Wizard - 06:53
06. Requiem For A Dancing World - 08:14
07. Context? Anyone? - 04:46
08. The Sands Of Time - 07:35
09. From A Drone's Perspective - 10:01

Bart Schram: Chant / Guitares
Benny Petak: Batterie
Maximilian von Wullerstorff: Basse
Sandro Starita: Guitares
Tom Truyers: Claviers
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