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"Textures continues to dazzle with a new unavoidable album and thus validates its status as a leader of the modern metal scene."
STRUCK (08.02.2016)  
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Five long years that we were feverishly waiting for the successor to "Dualism" released in 2011. The visionary precursors of the Djent (modern progressive metal particularly in vogue lately) come back at the beginning of 2016 with the ambition to open a new musical era with a concept resulting from two and a half years of maturation. And as if they wanted to make up for this too long absence, these meticulous craftsmen of an uncompromising music didn't do things by half by offering us this "Phenotype" which will turn out to be the first chapter of a concept-album whose sequel "Genotype" is already planned for next year.

The first part of this tempting project opens the hostilities with 'Oceans Collide' and its aggressive polyrhythms closer than ever to a Meshuggah. The magnificent 'New Horizons' continues the undermining work in the pure tradition of Textures, namely an aggressive woof carried by dizzying polyrhythmic riffs, bewitching atmospheric keyboards and the heady lead voice of Daniel De Jongh which confirms the breathtaking talent glimpsed on "Dualism". We hardly have time to catch our breath when the phenomenal 'Shaping a Single Grain of Sand' comes out, which would make a dervish-turner dizzy with the incessant changes of rhythm...

Although one of its founding members - Jochem Jacobs - left, the beginning of this "Phenotype" does not disappoint and, let's break the suspense right away, the continuation will not be different. This is evidenced by the high point of 'Erosion' and its mystic-tribal instrumental introduction 'Meander', which prolongs the hypnotic character of the work of Textures, or the concluding diptych 'Zman' / 'Timeless', as opposed to the raging introductory. Opening on a melancholy piano that is totally bewitching, this finale perpetuates the recipe that brought the Batavian sextet to the fore. A dazzling finale to which one can only succumb and which validates the extraordinary talent of the Dutch...

In conclusion, "Phenotype" doesn't revolutionize the sound identity that the band has shaped since 2003 with a discography now enriched with a fifth jewel while waiting for the sixth one. Textures continues to dazzle us by gratifying us with a new unavoidable album and thus validates its status as a leader of the modern metal scene!
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01. Océans Collide
02. New Horizons
03. Shaping A Single Grain Of Sand
04. Illuminate The Trail
05. Meander
06. Erosion
07. The Fourth Prime
08. Zman
09. Timeless

Bart Hennephof: Guitares
Daniel de Jongh: Chant
Joe Tal: Guitares
Remko Tielemans: Basse
Stef Broks: Batterie
Uri Dijk: Claviers
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4/5 (1 view(s))
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