Bluesy, Old School, Rasping vocals
"It is a magnificent record of blues-rock that the US trio and their friends offer us here."
LOLOCELTIC (22.06.2020)  
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It was in 2010, while accompanying Steve Lukather on his Goodfellas project, that Fabrizio Grossi and Kenny Aronoff had the idea of creating Supersonic Blues Machine. They wanted to continue developing the spirit of Goodfellas but in a more perennial framework than that of a simple session band. In 2015, Billy Gibbons (ZZ Top) relaunched the project after having asked Grossi to participate in the creation of a track with him. Everything went so well that the bearded Texan suggested to the bassist to compose nine additional tracks and to play them as soon as possible in a band composed of members he liked to jam with. Aronoff arrived soon after, and the track 'Running Whiskey' was released and became the first single from Supersonic Blues Machine, a new band that is quickly joined by another Texan in the person of guitarist and singer Lance Lopez. "West Of Flushing, South Of Frisco", the trio's first recording release, is released in 2016 and will not fail to leave its mark on the blues-rock landscape.

As you would expect from musicians with a comprehensive address book, there are plenty of special guests. It's true that it's already happened that the association of big names doesn't necessarily go hand in hand for the best, but that's not the case here. Billy Gibbons takes his 'Running Whiskey' in hand and takes care of the entire vocals for a very powerful and catchy ZZTop result, with a direct and efficient chorus. After an opening triplet that will leave more than one on the kneecaps, Warren Haynes (Gov't Mule, The Allman Brothers Band) brings all his feeling to a mid-tempo 'Remedy' that allows to calm down without sacrificing quality. On 'That's My Way' with a hymn-like chorus, it's Chris Duarte who allows a perfect balance between power and groove and draws one hell of a duel during cross solos with Lance Lopez. The guitars are also shiny and luminous with Eric Gales on a 'Nightmare And Dreams' alternating atmospheric verses and heart-rending choruses. 'Can't Take It No More' emerges on a slow and tense tempo with a duel between Walter Trout and Lopez that bursts out on the finale. Finally, Robben Ford brings a note of sweetness to the ballad 'Let's Call It A Day' which, while not essential, is nonetheless pleasant.

In the middle of the tracks performed with their numerous friends, the trio doesn't need anyone to offer some blues-rock fireworks of unstoppable efficiency ('Miracle Man'), even devastating ('I Ain't Falling Again', both binary and groovy). With 'Bone Bucket Blues', it's a mean boogie reinforced by a harmonica that revives the machine before 'Let It Be' pours out its Soul fragrances. Finally, 'Watchagonnado' brings the festival to a close with its mix of R'n'B and catchy Soul and groove.

It is a magnificent record of blues-rock that the US trio and their friends offer us here. "West Of Flushing, South Of Frisco" hits hard from the outset and gives hope that Supersonic Blues Machine will be able to establish itself as one of the leaders of this timeless genre that has been going through the decades without taking a wrinkle and being able to renew itself.

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01. Miracle Man - 4:24
02. I Ain't Fallin' Again - 3:30
03. Running Whiskey (feat. Billy Gibbons) - 2:41
04. Remedy (feat. Warren Haynes) - 5:44
05. Bone Bucket Blues - 3:14
06. Let It Be - 5:27
07. That's My Way (feat. Chris Duarte) - 4:52
08. Ain't No Love (in The Heart Of The City) - 5:26
09. Nightmares And Dreams (feat. Eric Gales) - 4:44
10. Can't Take It No More (feat. Walter Trout) - 6:12
11. Whiskey Time (running Whiskey's Extended Ending) - 2:14
12. Let's Call It A Day (feat. Robben Ford) - 3:32
13. Watchagonnado - 3:48

Fabrizio Grossi: Basse
Kenny Aronoff: Batterie
Lance Lopez: Chant / Guitares
Billy F. Gibbons: Chant / Guitares / Invité
Chris Duarte: Guitares / Invité
Eric Gales: Guitares / Invité
Robben Ford: Guitares / Invité
Walter Trout: Chant / Guitares / Invité
Warren Haynes: Chant / Guitares / Invité
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4/5 (1 view(s))
4/5 (1 view(s))
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