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"With "Another World", Quorum delivers us a second album rich and varied, a real musical abundance able to convince any progressive rock lover."
TONYB (06.01.2016)  
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After a remarkable first album published in 2011, the Russian group Quorum returns to us at the end of 2015 with a second effort whose genesis is however before the implementation of "Klubkin's Voyage". The tracks of "Another World" date back to the beginning of the 2000s and some of them were published in the form of a demo in 2006, before the "Klubkin's Voyage" project put their publication in brackets. Totally rewritten and re-recorded, they now form the main material of this second album, composed of six songs, sung in Russian (an English version is planned ...) and an instrumental.

As for its predecessor, this album is a real progressive abundance, inviting many references to the detour of titles with unbridled imagination during which the themes and instrumental variations follow one another without dead time. 

The album opens with 'Snow', whose roots close to Yes are really obvious, so much so that around the fifth minute, a chord sequence straight out of 'Awaken' is reused by the quartet. This first title once again highlights the keyboard skills of Dmitry Shtatnov, whose playing is very close to that of Rick Wakeman and makes a strong impression on the whole of Quorum's work.

The other instrumentalists are not to be outdone, however, and the epic 'Another World' will allow each of them to showcase their full talent. After a vocal part, there will be a keyboard and guitar solo, followed by a monstrous bass/drums sequence before the vocals takes over and brings all these beautiful people back to calmer waters. 

As indicated previously, far from being satisfied with a single style, the Russians navigate according to their desires from one reference to another. This is how '86' reminds us of Marillion's beginnings, with a rhythm characteristic of the group's early works. In another genre, the instrumental 'Then and Here' begins with a jazz rock evoking Pekka Pohjola, before continuing with a very Genesian theme with careful arrangements. The second epic, 'Motion', presents itself as a synthesis of the whole, with always a very strong Wakeman-like inspiration.

In spite of a rather weak production, these seven compositions can (must!) be listened to on different levels in order to appreciate the work of arrangement which allows to give to each instrument a real importance in the sound universe of Quorum, the bass not being the last one as its melodic lines remind us of a certain Chris Squire.

With this second album, Quorum asserts itself more than ever as a band to be discovered absolutely for all fans of progressive rock with elaborate structures while remaining accessible. What a pity that this group was not born in a more exposed country than far away Russia; it would undoubtedly result in a more important recognition than the confidentiality in which this quartet evolves until now. 

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01. Snow (7.58)
02. Another World (12.36)
03. Behold (5.50)
04. ’86 (7.21)
05. Then and Here (5.23)
06. Motion (10.32)
07. Space Wanderer (5.34)

Dmitry Shtatnov: Chant / Basse / Claviers / Percussions
Elena Kanevskaya: Choeurs
Pavel Barabanov: Guitares
Sergey Niconorov: Batterie
Vladimir Yanovsky: Basse
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4/5 (1 view(s))
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