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""I am the Wolf" is a heavy-post-rock nugget, a raw and authentic gem that glues shivers to every listen. Not to be missed under any circumstances."
PROGRACER (29.03.2016)  
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Originally from France, Abysse is back with their second album at the beginning of 2016 after four years of hard work, a production much awaited by fans of heavy and post-metal instrumental music. 

From the very first bars of 'Persuasion', Abysse reminds everyone how instantaneous and immersive their music is. The sound is round and powerful, the riff is doomsday heaviness and the post-rock arrangements icy deep. The progressive development of the highly worked ambiences rocks our ears between the frenetic guitars and Sebastien's hammered drums, the whole punctuated by breaks that keep us on the edge of our seats until the next slap! 

The music of Abysse takes to the guts with its riffs chained or interspersed with guitar rises in a pure post-rock vein. The work of the rhythm is colossal and the pure and organic strike of Sebastien reinforces the omnipresent emotional charge.

'I Will Rise' and 'I Am Ready To Be Her Son' install the album in a more percussive and darker instrumental death, but the French also excel in the colourful ambiences, where the heavy is competing with the emotion. Thus, the soft intro of 'Blood To You All' depicts a melancholic picture where the two guitars intermingle beautifully before the long rise in power sets up a riff of a heady heaviness. Rhythmic breaks and ever more powerful covers are the band's trademark, and Geoffrey and Vincent's solos are perfect. 

To catch one's breath, one has to wait for the intro of 'Reality & Secret', where melancholy (barely) wins over the fury of decibels, as a new devastating riff sees the track fly once again towards hypnotic heavy metal summits before ending in the sweetness of an aerial solo. This last title shows once again the extent of the band's talent and the astonishing flow of emotions that their percussive music can generate. The finale of the album is a hidden track in the form of a magnificent atmospheric apotheosis with a duo of piano and aerial guitar.  

Abysse is a band, a real one, which still gains in mastery and asserts an authentic style already recognizable. Following the example of the Germans of Long Distance Calling or the Swiss of Monkey3, Abysse imposes itself as the spearhead of a modern and heavy instrumental post-rock where the quality of writing transpires from each measure. "I Am The Wolf" is a total success full of rhythmic and melodic ideas intelligently integrated which reveal themselves in the course of listening. Not to be missed under any circumstances.
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01. Persuasion
02. Architecture of Bones
03. I am ready to be her son
04. Frozen Flesh
05. I will rise
06. Blood to you all
07. Reality & Secret

Geoffrey: Guitares
Jérémy: Basse
Sébastien: Batterie
Vincent: Guitares
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