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""Strange Days" is a phenomenal second album for Jim Morrison and The Doors. No hit single but a delightful suite of rich and captivating tracks."
OCERIAN (10.03.2016)  
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While the first album simply entitled "The Doors" released a few months earlier finally was successful, its successor entitled "Strange Days" was released in a darker register. The mostly short tracks have their own rich personality that gives this band a well tempered character.

The title 'Strange Days' is a perfect introduction and allows each musician to show what he is made of. The bass, played in studio by Douglas Lubahn and on keyboard by Ray Manzarek in concert, is omnipresent (it will be essential on all the titles of the album) and is used as a base for a driving music and at the same time marked of melancholy. The rhythmic variety, the keyboard serving a kind of hypnotic ritornello supported by a very clear drumming and the expressive vocals of Morrison make of this track a gem which perhaps suffers from a chorus not enough catchy to reach the charts.

Each track hits the target thanks to a kind of particular setting which makes the album sink in a register more and more psychotic by passing by a 'You're Lost, Little Girl', which alternates the passages to the crystalline arpeggios of Robby Krieger and the more rhythmic and authentically firm moments, or a 'Unhappy Girl' with British accents (in the Beatles way for the vocals), a kind of eager statement of bubbling uneasiness Horse Lattitudes' is a poetic recital with a distorted background music. People Are Strange' is perhaps more demonstrative thanks to the theatrical vocals and bouncy keyboards almost reminiscent of traditional Greek or Slavic music. The repetitive 'My Eyes Have Seen You' is exciting and allows Krieger to deliver some nice little solos and Jim Morrison to establish his legend as a possessed singer. At last comes the long psychedelic suite 'When The Music's Over' which like 'The End' in the first album gives a mystical tone in conclusion of a subtle and rich album.

Deprived of a title with commercial potential like 'Light My Fire' or 'Break On Through', this "Strange Days" is an album of a rare quality in which  the talent of Jim Morrison definitely explodes but also that of Ray Manzarek. It will place The Doors in the legend of the rock thanks to its characterized personality. If it needed a confirmation dedicated to the very good first album,  here we have one and a beautiful one.

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01. Strange Days
02. You Re Lost Little Girl
03. Love Me Two Times
04. Unhappy Girl
05. Horse Latitudes
06. Moonlight Driveution
07. People Are Strange
08. My Eyes Have Seen You
09. I Can T See Your Face In My Mind
10. When The Music's Over

Jim Morrison: Chant
John Densmore: Batterie
Ray Manzarek: Claviers
Robby Krieger: Guitares
Douglas Lubahn: Basse / Invité
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