Celtic, Female vocals, Melancholic
""Face Your Demons" can only delight the senses and satisfy the lovers of Eilera whose voice vibrates with a powerful delicacy."
CHILDERIC THOR (13.10.2016)  
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It's been a long time that we've been following the track of Eilera, singer first spotted with the forgotten Chrysalis, ephemeral project author of a single EP, "Between Strength And Frailty", released in 2001 on Adipocere Records, which revealed a daring but unfinished progressive death metal, before founding two years later, with Loïc Tézénas, the band to which she has given her name. Quickly signed by the powerful Spinefarm, who released "Precious Moment" (2005) and a second album called "Fusion" (2007), the road to success seemed to be paved for her.

However, almost ten years later, the one who now lives in Finland remains far too unknown. The fact of having decided to dispense with a label, a very respectable choice, and the too long silences punctuating her career, are probably not foreign to a fame inversely proportional to her talent. It is thus with a surprise mixed with happiness, that we find Eilera five years after a "Dark Chapter... And Stars" of good memory, which saw Tézénas leaving the historical duo.

Even though the band has always been carried by Aurélie's vocals (her real name), we could have feared that the departure of the guitarist and essential architect of this powerfully delicate art would result in a lack of inspiration. But it is not the case, on the contrary. Sweeping away these years of abstinence with a crazy class, Eilera comes back to us, his charm and his warm identity intact. More than ever, like the visuals of this fourth offering, the vocalist is put forward. Her voice, at the same time sweetened and veiled of a soft melancholy, carries all.

Tasty shivers run down our spine as soon as she appears during an irresistible eponymous beginning, a rock song with neat arrangements that could be a hit on the airwaves, if only the latter were accessible to her. In fact, the discovery of "Face Your Demons" can only be tinged with regrets, those to see a music with such a strong commercial potential being unjustly ignored. No doubt that its author doesn't care about it, but the fact remains that she deserves to benefit from a recognition that is far from being acquired at the moment.

But this bitter report should not make us sulk the real pleasure to savor once again these finely chiseled compositions, pearls of frost filled with emotion as testify the marvelous 'Angel Made Temptress', 'Cure' or 'Into The Sea'. Slightly tainted with Celtic touches ('Frozen Path'), sometimes darkly pulsating ('Male Female Balance') or sheathed in a (very slightly) heavier metal ('Your Way'), "Face Your Demons" can only delight the senses and satisfy  the lovers of Eilera whose voice vibrates with a powerful delicacy.

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01. Face Your Demons
02. Your Way
03. Deadly Together
04. Angel Made Temptress
05. Frozen Path
06. Polynia
07. Cure
08. Into the Sea
09. Male/Female Balance
10. Protect You
11. Frozen Path (Finnvox version)
12. Into the Sea (Finnvox version)

Jan Sormo: Basse
Lauri Salomaa: Claviers
Potin ' Eilera' Suau: Chant
Roni Seppänen: Guitares
Toni Paananen: Batterie
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