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"The most consistent album of Amarok's discography, "Hunt" is almost flawless, with a very judicious ordering of the tracks, marking a slow evolution over the minutes."
TONYB (29.09.2017)  
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As a project of the Polish multi-instrumentalist Michal Wojtas, Amarok released three albums in quick succession in the early 2000s before switching off for fifteen years. Strongly influenced by Mike Oldfield at the beginning (one would imagine), Amarok's music then distanced itself from the maestro's universe with the release of "Metanoia", while keeping some references that can be found today in the form of guitar tones like "Songs From the Distant Earth". Back in business, Michel Wojtas offers us in 2017 his new release, "Hunt", whose release is backed by the reissue of his first three albums.

With sounds now rather far from the oldfieldian universe, "Hunt" leads us at first into atmospheric ambiences made of soaring keyboards on which lacy guitars slip. More specific than on his previous works, the vocals are still mainly provided directly by our man to do (almost) everything, with however the participation of two "local" stars to whom he has entrusted the interpretation of one track each. First of all, it's Mariusz Duda (Riverside) who lends himself to the game for a new neat performance on 'Idyll', his warm and silky voice perfectly matching the serene atmosphere that emanates from this track. More unexpectedly, Colin Bass (Camel) provides as for him a more conventional score on the first part of 'Nuke', before the song rises in power in a final magnificent chorus.

But, far from being satisfied with the marked out universe of the atmospheric neo-progressive, Amarok leads us on shores flirting with the world music, at first with the splendid 'Two Sides' where the long stridences of duduk weave an atmosphere at the same time serene and worrying, agreeing magnificently with the guitar and the long layers of keyboard. Then it's the turn of 'In Closeness' and its bouncing percussions to prolong the thread of a music swinging between two shores, whose combination contributes to the setting up of a bewitching atmosphere in many ways.

The listener will quickly forget a somewhat clumsy 'Winding Stairs', to be treated as a reward to the main course of the album, I named the jewel 'Hunt'. From the top of its almost 18 minutes, a fantastic musical universe contemplates you, the fruit of the well thought assemblage of an electronic background reminding the loops of the 70's of Tangerine Dream with successive interventions of spoken word, of a female voice, of Gilmour-like guitar or of keyboards sounds setting an atmosphere which we wish it would never end! A great spellbinding moment, made up of slow rises in power followed by a come-back in more peaceful waters, while remaining in the atmospheric tendency which suits so well this album.

The most consistent album of Amarok's discography, "Hunt" is almost flawless, with a very judicious arrangement of tracks, marking a slow evolution as time goes by. A universe to be discovered and enjoyed in all serenity.
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01. Anonymous - 06:41
02. Idyll - 05:41
03. Distorted Soul - 05:32
04. Two Sides - 05:09
05. Winding Stairs - 04:34
06. In Closeness - 05:52
07. Unreal - 04:40
08. Nuke - 05:48
09. Hunt - 17:52

Michal Wojtas: Chant / Guitares / Claviers / Batterie / Theremin, Low Whistle
Colin Bass: Chant / Invité
Konrad Pajek: Invité / Choeurs
Mariusz Duda: Chant / Basse / Invité
Marta Wojtas: Batterie / Invité
Michał Ściwiarski: Claviers / Invité
Pawel Kowalski: Basse / Batterie / Invité
Sebastian Wieladek: Invité / Duduk
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