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"Better than a compilation, "Orchestrated" gives a new life, a new colour to the emblematic tracks of Midge Ure's (Visage, Ultravox) career."
TONYB (18.05.2018)  
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After 40 years of career, in band (Visage, Ultravox mainly) or solo, several best of and live albums, what is left for Midge Ure to experiment in order to fill the gap between his last releases and a potential new album? A tour with an electronic band certainly, but to reach all his fans, there is nothing like the release of a new album to make something new out of something old. And more than a traditional Best Of, Midge Ure delivers "Orchestrated", a compilation of some of his greatest hits totally rearranged and reinterpreted in an orchestral version... including nevertheless an unreleased track ('Ordinary Man' - you never know!).

It will have taken 18 months for the artist and his accomplice Ty Unwin to transform tracks strongly marked by new-wave into pieces with a classical coloration, while integrating guitar and drums. Midge Ure and Ultravox are no strangers to symphonic instrumental breaks, and these are magnified in these new versions, whether it's the majestic 'Hymn' in slow motion at the opening, or 'Vienna' with its instrumental bridge, and even more so the famous 'The Voice'.

Nevertheless, transposing the band's usual rhythms with the help of cellos while avoiding overwhelming the lyrics with a profusion of maudlin violins (which is often the case in this type of adaptation) is a real challenge that the duo brilliantly overcome. But beyond this simple transposition from one sound universe to another, the transformation of hits like 'Lament' and even more so 'Dancing With Tears in my Eyes' is simply breathtaking. In stripped down,  full of sensitivity, Midge Ure's voice may be a little tired, but it conveys an incredible amount of emotion, touching the listener's heart.

After all these praises, we can regret a little lack of brass on some choruses that would have deserved more punch ('Hymn' in particular), and the version of 'Breathe', a song made famous thanks to its use in the advertisement of a famous watch brand, but which doesn't manage here to rise above its original interpretation. But these are only minor flaws compared to the quality of the whole album.

Better than a compilation, "Orchestrated" gives a new life, a new colour to the emblematic tracks of Midge Ure's career, a very difficult exercise when they are strongly anchored in the collective memory. However, our man succeeds brilliantly and this album will be in the CD-library of his fans as well as of those who would discover him thanks to it.
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01. Hymn (orchestrated)
02. Dancing With Tears In My Eyes (orchestrated)
03. Breathe (orchestrated)
04. Man Of Two Worlds (orchestrated)
05. If I Was (orchestrated)
06. Vienna (orchestrated)
07. The Voice (orchestrated)
08. Ordinary Man (orchestrated)
09. Death In The Afternoon (orchestrated)
10. Lament (orchestrated)
11. Reap The Wild Wind (orchestrated)
12. Fragile (orchestrated)

Midge Ure: Chant / Guitares
Ty Unwin: Orchestrations
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