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"If the influences that irrigate it are as thick as high-voltage cables, "Raised On Rock" is nevertheless, once again, a real success for this worthy fan of Whitesnake."
CHILDERIC THOR (31.01.2018)  
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A man of taste and virtuoso guitarist, Alex Beyrodt possesses, in addition to a writing talent that has long been proven, the rare quality of getting the best out of his singers. Thus, after having reconciled us with David Readman (Pink Cream 69 and Adagio), whom we would never have imagined so comfortable in a rough register, the man makes us (re)discover a Herbie Langhans (Avantasia and ex-Seventh Avenue) who we didn't think would have the capabilities to walk on the flowerbeds of David Coverdale, eternal reference of the six-cord player.

One track, 'Running Away From Love', is enough for the newcomer to make forget his predecessor, who merge in the racy and flamboyant hard rock of Voodoo Circle. Without (bad) surprise, this change of personnel has no influence on the quality of this fourth album and even less on the style. Surrounded by the rhythm section of Sinner, his former home port, Beyrodt remains faithful to a music dear to his heart, the one that has always irrigated his veins, warm and full of feeling, far away from the metal machined by the steelworks across the Rhine to which he was attached. 

Evoking of course Deep Purple ('Unknown Stranger' covered by the shadow of Blackmore and the late Jon Lord), Rainbow ('Dreamchaser' and its hints of 'Gates Of Babylon'), "Raised On Rock" confirms what its predecessor, "More Than One Way Home", already let guess, that is to say the tribute the band pays to the Whitesnake of the second half of the 80s. And the more time goes by, the more we realize that the one we too quickly confused with a follower of Malmsteen actually owes everything (or almost everything) to John Sykes. The huge 'Walk On The Line' is the track that best illustrates these inspirations, while 'Ultimate Sin' with its roaring intro and the sweet 'Just Take My Heart' also seem to be straight out of '1987'. 

As a seasoned composer, Alex has nurtured a menu that oscillates between nervous protrusions and epic pieces. If 'Higher Love' or 'You Promised Me Heaven' are to be found in the former, the latter espouses the reptilian forms of the incandescent 'Chase Me Away', 'Love Is An Ocean', zeppelin-like devil or the powerful breathing 'Where is The World We Love'. If he never misses an opportunity to gratify us with his eruptions, of which he has the secret, the master of the house demonstrates once again all that separates him from a Malmsteen, capable of putting his furious "shreddings" at the service of finely chiselled compositions where neither the vocals nor the other instruments are gagged.

If the influences that irrigate it are as thick as high-voltage cables, "Raised On Rock" is nevertheless, once again, a real success for this worthy fan of Whitesnake.

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01. Running Away From Love
02. Higher Love
03. Walk On The Line
04. You Promised Me Heaven
05. Just Take My Heart
06. Where Is The World We Love
07. Ultimate Sin
08. Chase Me Away
09. Unknown Stranger
10. Dreamchaser
11. Love Is An Ocean
12. Time For The Innocent
13. There's More To See

Alex Beyrodt: Guitares
Francesco Jovino: Batterie
Herbie Langhans: Chant
Mat Sinner : Basse
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