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"In "Allow Yourself", Nosound creates a kind of very successful and addictive neo doom art rock."
CALGEPO (17.09.2018)  
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After several very melancholic albums, the band Nosound wanted to give, from "Scintilla", a turn to their rock art, feeling a sudden desire to evolve by bringing alternative and electronic elements. Pushing this progression further, the cover is diaphanous and beautiful, in a luminous white almost blinding, contrasting with the coldness of the two models, in contradiction with the life that enamelled the cover of "Scintilla". This staging accentuates the almost oppressive aspect of this new album, which could almost remind Opeth's "Damnation".

The typical keyboards welcome the listener from the intro 'Ego Drip', a dynamic track in the form of an electronic loop on which is grafted Giancarlo's doubled voice which takes the shape of an asymmetrical canon to make you dizzy. The melancholy comes on 'Shelter', hovering and atmospheric, exhaling a sadness that is paradoxically comforting. 

Giancarlo's music transfigures, through a slow tempo, emotions or feelings such as nostalgia, appeasement, tenderness and wonder. Several titles stand out in this sense, such as 'My Drug', which is more organic with a few piano notes and a song that lingers on, as if to evacuate a pain but with a certain modesty. Our Italian artist hijacks some post-rock gimmicks in a few repetitive tracks accentuating the darkness that pours in it ('This Night'). But Nosound brings some dynamic, almost explosive touches, as in the sublime 'At Peace' where the strings, very well used throughout the album, give an even greater dimension to the project. 

The summits of this record remain 'Growing In Me' which mixes softness in the verses with a raging chorus, 'Weights' with its progressive construction which contrasts with the song aspect that emerges from the album or 'Don't You Dare' with its saturated intro and its trip hop aspect a la Portishead. Anathema is also not very far away in 'Miracle' or 'This Night', already quoted, which could remind to some extent of 'A Natural Disaster'... Nosound creates a kind of neo doom art rock. 

In the end "Allow Yourself" could have a cathartic effect so that the amateur listener can evacuate his negative emotions. his album gives a certain pleasure by allowing the recipient to imagine and create his own story. The philosopher said: "Music gives soul to our hearts and wings to our thoughts", this new Nosound album, approaching change in continuity, is the perfect illustration of this.

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01. Ego Drip
02. Shelter
03. Don't You Dare
04. My Drug
05. Miracle
06. This Night
07. At Peace
08. Growing In Me
09. Saviour
10. Weights
11. Defy

Giancarlo Erra: Chant / Guitares / Claviers
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