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""The Way To Us" can be listened to in one go with great pleasure, taking the listener into a colorful world conducive to relaxation and vector of emotions."
TONYB (24.09.2018)  
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Trio from Missouri composed of three multi-instrumentalists, Echoes of Giants released "The Way to Us", their second album, five years after the release of "At the End of Myself". To complete this line-up, the trio has once again invited Joey Myers to sing, to which we must add the female voice of Theese Weber for this occasion.

Like its predecessor, this second volume takes up a format composed of three suites, telling three distinct stories that seem to revolve around the well-being, love and fullness of the human being as opposed to the aggressions and fears he may encounter at any given moment. To set all this to music, Echoes of Giants unfolds a progressive style with typically progressive parts, with long instrumental passages ('Wait', 'Fading'), and many atmospheric parts, based on quasi-acoustic voice/guitar sections, occasionally sprinkled with light keyboard accompaniment ('Close the Door', 'Hope - part I').

The melodies are worked out, delicate and are interpreted with a lot of emotion, whether by the trio of instrumentalists or by the male vocals of Joey Myers. Certainly, Camel is not far away. Unfortunately, the impression is less favorable when the female vocals intervene ('Escape'), Theese Weber's timbre lacking emotion in the midst of this very pastoral rock. Nevertheless, the ensemble can be listened to in one go and reminds us of the Dutchmen of Maryson and their "Master Magician" of the late 90s.

The grumpy ones will be able to reproach some kitschy keyboard sounds, or even a rather clumsy 'Wait - cover'. For my part, it is rather a little frustration that settles in listening to a track like 'Stand Beside Me' that slowly rises in power and where we wait in vain for an instrumental chorus that would take the piece into another dimension, remaining finally confined to a nice pop-progressive format. Far from being a lack of ambition, this choice fits rather well with the very homogeneous general atmosphere of "The Way of Us", whose purpose is rather to be classified in the art rock category.

After 71 minutes finally not so long, the impression that comes out of listening to "The Way of Us" is largely positive. In spite of the few reservations mentioned above, this coherent work can be listened to with great pleasure, taking the listener into a colorful universe conducive to relaxation and vector of emotions. What more could one ask for?
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01. Wait
02. Hope (Part 1)
03. Fading
04. Close the Door
05. The Death of a Dream
06. Wait
07. Escape
08. Don't Give up on Me
09. The Light
10. Take Me Away
11. Find Myself Today
12. Is This Home ?
13. Stand Beside Me
14. Hope (Part 2)
15. Not Going Back

Rick Kaufmann: Basse
Tracy Thomas: Claviers / Batterie / Marimba / Percussions / Programmations
Wes Bolton: Guitares / Echoplex / Percussions / Programmations
Joey Myers: Chant / Invité
Theese Weber: Chant / Invité
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3.5/5 (2 view(s))
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