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"Disturbed changes, it becomes more melodic and catchy and the result is convincing and even brilliant."
NOISE (19.10.2018)  
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With "Immortalized", Disturbed had come back to business in an interesting way and had managed to convince a large audience with a classic record with good passages. Three years later, the band is back with this "Evolution" whose the cover zap the band's mascot for the first time since 2005 and in which David Draiman and his men seem to want to shake up their habits.

Draidman's statements, which evoked Metallica and his "Black Album" as well as classic rock as influences, clearly point in this direction. Listening to "Evolution" confirms these presentiments. Disturbed reveals a different face, more melodic and rock. Of course, there's still a metallic facet but it's catchy and closer to an Alter Bridge or Volbeat. But above all, there are a lot of very quiet tracks, as if the cover of 'The Sound Of Silence' had influenced the writing.

With 'Are You Ready' as an opening track, Disturbed warns its audience. The title is the heaviest track on the album with an industrial side but already a catchy side. In the rest of the album, this accessible American metal tone is featured on 'No More', 'Stronger On Your Own' and 'Best One Lies'. David sings superbly with a veiled tone that makes his charm. Musically, the work is just as good, the melodies are neat and the power that comes in is marvellous.

A large part of the record is devoted to an acoustic rock sound with a folk and pop feel that works beautifully. David's vocals are top-notch, pure and full of emotion. 'A Reason To Flight' and 'Alredy Gone' are radio-friendly and should be a hit. 'Hold On To Memories' is the most surprising pop nugget, because Disturbed is unrecognizable. Finally 'Watch You Burn' is the top of the album: close to a Dylan sound with the acoustic guitar giving it a folk look, it confirms the musicians' ease in this typically American style. Moreover, its symphonic ending gives it a nice strength of soul.

"Evolution" is aptly named, as Disturbed shows himself to be different, more sensitive and human. The band, like so many others before it, takes the risk of not being followed by its public. It would be a pity, the approach seems sincere and this record is a success.

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01. Are You Ready
02. No More
03. A Reason To Fight
04. In Another Time
05. Stronger On Your Own
06. Hold On To Memories
07. Savior Of Nothing
08. Watch You Burn
09. Best Ones Lie
10. Already Gone
11. The Sound Of Silence [Live]
12. This Venom
13. Are You Ready (Sam de Jong Remix)
14. Uninvited Guest

Dan Donegan: Guitares
David Draiman: Chant
John Moyer: Basse
Mike Wengren: Batterie
Myles Kennedy: Chant / Invité
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