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"Here is a "N° 4" with the look of a winner in the modern melodic metal category, next to which fans of the genre should not miss."
PROGRACER (06.05.2019)  
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Self-taught Johann Cadot, leader of Asylum Pyre, has more ideas. He returns with a fourth album soberly entitled "N°4" and a completely redesigned line-up. Behind a rhythm section composed of Thomas Calegari and Fabien Mira (Pierre-Emmanuel Pélisson - the band's guitarist - recorded the bass on the album), Ombeline "OXY" Duprat, who was found breathtaking in Paolo Vallerga's "The Experiment N° Q", is on microphone.

Gone is the early symphonic power, now there is a catchy melodic metal tinged with electro, in which combo is most at home. And melodies, it is a question of entry with two particularly effective titles in this field, namely "One Day (Silence / Part 2: Daydreaming" and "Sex, Drugs and Scars" in the guise of hits in power that remind us of the Scandinavians of Amaranthe. Another common point is the different types of singing on the album with the clear voices of Johann and Oxy and growls given sparingly for a skillful balance without excess. If the two acolytes try it, they are brilliantly supported by Raf Penner (T.A.N.K.) for the most intense extreme singing as on the title '(D)ea(r)th' for example. We also can notice the presence of Yannis Papdopoulos (Beast In Black) singing on 'Sex, Drugs and Scars'.

The survival of our planet and eco-responsibility remain themes dear to Johann Cadot, as evidenced by the art work shifted to Chanel-style chic survivalism. Texts and music stick to these pessimistic but realistic themes and the tempo flies when the subject becomes more raging on '(D)ea(r)th' or the furious 'Lady Ivy'. If some tracks are a little below the general level ('Borderline' or 'Into The Wild') the whole is built around sustained and even frenetic tempos ('The Right To Pain'), heavy riffs, catchy choruses and a complete vocal performance that gives a warm feeling of fullness to the listening of the whole album. The final anthem 'The Cemetery Road' finishes the painting with an epic touch of lively mid-tempo and chorus that will undoubtedly rock on stage.

On the production side, electronic contributions bring a touch of modernity in the era of time and make the whole thing very accessible. We may simply regret a mix that does not put the guitars to their advantage despite their strong presence. The riffs are reinforced by a very present rhythm section and intelligent keyboards and electronic effects. The solos were entrusted to Nils Courbaron (T.A.N.K.) for a more than interesting result.

Asylum Pyre is one of the leaders in melodic metal and this "N° 4" has many assets to promote to keep them there. An album that will not surprise fans of the genre thanks to its undeniable fishing and effective melodies. Oxy's capital performance is a big part of it, as is the clever writing of Johann Cadot, who may well be inspired to repeat this line-up. By gaining in stability and motivation, Asylum Pyre will have all the cards in hand to settle definitively among the groups that count and that last in the prosperous jungle of melodic metal. Translated with

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01. Lullaby for the clairvoyants
02. One Day (Silence - part 2 : Day Dreaming)
03. Sex, Drugs And Scars
04. Lady Ivy
05. On First Earth
06. (D)ea(r)th
07. Into The Wild
08. MCQ Drama
09. Borderline
10. The Right To Pain
11. The Broken Frame
12. The Cemetery Road

Fabien Mira: Basse
Johann Cadot: Chant / Guitares
Oxy Hart: Chant
Pierre-emmanuel Pélisson: Basse
Thomas Calegari: Batterie
Nils Courbaron: Guitares / Invité
Yannis Papadopoulos: Chant / Invité
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Un album que je découvre 1 an après sa sortie, qui accroche tout de suite l'oreille, mélodique mais avec une énergie fantastique. Une réussite à peu près totale, avec des titres homogènes , de très grande qualité. Ne les connaissant pas avant d'écouter, ce n'est qu'après coup que j'ai découvert que c'est un groupe français. Ça faisait longtemps que je ne m'étais pas emballé comme ça pour un album, mon coup de cœur 2019... en 2020.
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