""Stupor Machine" is an intelligent, literary, poetic album. A rare record, a jewel like too few are made these days."
CALGEPO (26.04.2019)  
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Seven years separate "Monster Crowd" from "Stupor Machine". An eternity for Eiffel fans and even for French rock with its elaborate writing. However, the members of the combo did not remain inactive, as did its leader Romain Humeau, who collaborated on Bernard Lavilliers' latest album and released no less than three solo albums in three years ("Vendredi ou les Limbes du Pacifiques" based on Michel Tournier's novel, "Mousquetaire #1" and "Mousquetaire #2" - Alexandre Dumas). Romain has an extremely literary and even poetic writing made of rich and sometimes scathing rhymes that makes the salt of Eiffel. In the musical landscape, the band is almost considered as Noir Désir's little brother whose flame has been consumed very (too) brutally. However, he has built himself a unique personality thanks to a particular desire to transmit messages on more nuanced music. 

"Stupor Machine" appears as a witness of its time, desperate but with some small glimmers of hope that find their source in love, romantic and profound. This introductory sentence may seem somewhat abstract, but listening will definitely give you an idea of the despair that permeates the record. "Big Data" shows that Eiffel has not lost his strenght after his long break. The riffs are very present, aggressive as can be the society with this information that is now being imposed on us, with its share of visual violence and its lot of fake news. "Manchurian Candidate" is one of the tracks that comes close to Noir Desir with this smashing atmosphere that is familiar with progressive with a break that leads to a calmer second half ending at the piano. 

If these furiously rhythmic tracks remain the band's DNA, they venture into calmer, more nuanced worlds, on an irresistible "Chasse Spleen" with lyrics that appeal to mythology, to space on a catchy music that proves, if it were still necessary to demonstrate it, all the writing quality of the singer-poet. This way of approaching songs with abstract texts that remind us of the great authors is now rare and what is rare is precious. This title is one of the most beautiful love songs written in a long time. In the midst of this loss of hope, there is still a glimmer of faith in better days, which finds its illustration in the jewel "N'aie rien à craindre" with its surrealist text like a painting of Dali, declaimed in a deep voice. 

"Stupor Machine" thus blows the heat with these love songs but also the cold with an icy, shattering and uncompromising observation carried on the current society gangrened by powerless and individualistic politicians and shareholders or financiers who always want more ('Yes', magnificent). "Escampette" thus rediscovers this energetic impulse with a Roman who screams this frustration as never before. Finally the album ends with a superb song ('Terminus') which begins at the piano and envelops a text whose last sentences are repeated infinitely from half of the title, thus reinforcing the beauty of both the lyrics and the melody which becomes denser over the seconds, almost baroque, with notably vocal lines sung in canon. 

"Stupor Machine" is a superbly written and composed record. Intelligent, literary, poetic, it is a rare album, a jewel like too few nowadays thanks to the symbiosis between finely chiselled lyrics and refined music. Eiffel is back and once again dominates the French rock landscape from the top of its tower. 

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01. Big Data
02. Cascade
03. Manchurian Candidate
04. Chasse Spleen
05. Miragine
06. N'ai Rien À Craindre
07. Pêcheur Pécheur
08. Hotel Borgne
09. Oui
10. Chocho
11. Gravelines
12. Escampette
13. Terminus

Estelle Humeau: Chant / Guitares / Basse / Claviers / Flûte ; Melodica
Nicolas Bonnière: Chant / Guitares
Nicolas Courret: Chant / Batterie
Romain Humeau: Chant / Guitares
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