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"A rather good hard US album with a bad production"
LYNOTT (09.05.2019)  
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Before we start this first opus of West Bound, let's find out who is Chaz West. This American vocalist had previously been recruited by Jason Bonham (John Bonham's son, drummer of Led Zep) in his band (Bonham) between 1995 and 1997, then by George Lynch (Lynch Mob) in 2011/2012 and by Vinny Appice in Resurrection Kings (2016). His business card made its way and ended up on one of the offices of the Italian expansionist label Frontiers. 

This is how a new project came into being... the renowned guitarist Roy Z (Bruce Dickinson, Bob Rock, Glen Hughes, Rob Halford) entered the dance, called upon to lend a hand to Chaz. West Bound is born and can now pour its US hard rock from the 70s and 80s on our turntables. Pushing the revival to the end, Roy Z produced the opus with the means of the time. As a result of the operation, the sound is infamous. 

This is a shame for some titles in this work (entitled "Volume 1") that would have deserved a better fate, for example "Never Surrender" which opens the debates like an 80's Whitesnake, 'On My Own', 'Turn To You' and 'Nothing' which give us notable pleasure in terms of melody, 'The Traveller', a six-minute final track that refers to Led Zep and the ballad 'Beautiful Dream' that brings us back to Kingdom Come (when Led Zep is around, Wolf's band is often not far away). 

The rest is more basic with the The Dead Daisies-like 'Dance Of Life', the bluesy 'Ain't Gonna Drown', the leaded rhythmic 'Roll The Bones' and 'Keeper Of The Flame' inspired by Lynch Mob. The listener has some difficulty in finding his way through this musical diversity, especially since the musical hooks, the melodic landmarks, are unlikely to enter the pantheon of unforgettable compositions. 

It is therefore surprising to note on this album the difference in quality between the half-dozen appreciable pieces mentioned above and the other part of the object made up of an unconvincing musical stuff. Surprising the bad production as well, damaging the interest that could have aroused the best parts of this first attempt. 

West Bound may well be a new band to follow with curiosity, but the Chaz band will necessarily have to correct a few shots not to disappear from the screens as suddenly as it appeared. As for Roy Z, it seems that he should stop using his cellar as a recording studio.

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01. Never Surrender
02. Dance Of Life
03. Ain't Gonna Drown
04. Beautiful Dream
05. Nothing
06. Roll The Bones
07. On My Own
08. Keeper Of The Flame
09. Turn To You
10. No Room For Sympathy
11. The Traveller

Chas West: Chant
Dave Moreno: Batterie
Jason Cornwell: Basse
Jimmy Burkard: Guitares
Roy Z: Guitares
Stephen Leblanc: Claviers
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