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"If "//" sounds like a real post-rock success, it is above all for the feeling of being carried away on an introspective journey in a stream of intoxicating emotions. To be discovered urgently."
PROGRACER (15.07.2019)  
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Music and Superheroes. This is a rather surprising combination. However, this is the credo of this post-rock band from Béziers. Strongly inspired by the modern post-rock and progressive scene, they offer a rich artistic universe made of instrumental music, texts and videos, a melting pot that gives its full dimension on stage.

Soberly entitled "//", the album released at the end of March plunges the listener into a strong cinematographic atmosphere, made of sound effects, dark lyrics and ethereal music. Post-rock lovers like Mogwai, Tides From Nebula or Mono will get their money's worth.

The inspiration drawn from this musical trend is immediately recognizable. Crystal-clear guitars contribute to a dreamlike atmosphere that invites you to travel. Each bar is an opportunity to add a sound element or a rhythmic variation, which, despite the apparent linearity of the pieces, offers music in constant movement as on 'Fuck You Herbert (the bug)'. If the fans of the genre see very well what I mean, others may well discover a richer style than they imagine, especially when it is magnified by a subtle writing. 

Used in different ways, vcoals are declaimed on 'BQE' as telling a dark story, or more melodious, while restrained, with intonations between David Bowie and Roger Waters on the very floydian 'Cosmoboy'. The atmosphere is often dark and worrying as on 'Th! Th!' which offers an excerpt from Colonel Kurt's poignant tirade in Apocalypse Now before starting a dark and haunting heavy riff and ending again with Marlon Brando's voice. 

The final impression left by 'Kaëlin'them' is more aerial and musical, more optimistic also despite the evocative title, close to the Germans of Long Distance Calling. The track finishes to establish this "//" as a real post-rock success. Above all, it is the feeling of having been carried away by music on an introspective journey lulled by the sad contemplation of a world in decay that predominates. But at the moment of the final silence, the path seemed very short as Mr R embarked us in a flood of intoxicating emotions. Mr R advances masked but behind the costume, there is a music with a strong power of escape. To be discovered urgently.

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01. Bqe (05:29)
02. Fuck You Herbert (the Bug) (07:19)
03. Cosmoboy (06:45)
04. Th!th! (06:01)
05. Migaloo (04:23)
06. Breathe (05:27)
07. Keälin'them (06:33)

Lionel: Guitares
Olivier: Batterie
Sylvain: Basse
Yannick: Guitares
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4/5 (2 view(s))
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