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""In the Raw" is Taja's most personal album. He exposes the artist and her raw talent through his personal writing, a beautiful authenticity and an extraordinary melodic strength."
PROGRACER (09.08.2019)  
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"In The Raw" is already Tarja's sixth album since 2007 and her eviction from Nightwish. It is now as an explorer of many and varied musical horizons that the beautiful Finnish woman defines herself best and no longer as an ex. This new production will therefore no longer surprise anyone as Tarja has been able to navigate between styles and embark her audience each time.

The very construction of the album may seem strange at first sight with its three distinct parts. The first tracks are the most catchy ones, starting with 'Dead Promises', the first single with a sharp intro riff and where Björn Strid (Soilwork) brings the roughness of his vocals for a muscular introduction. Cristina Scabbia (Lacuna Coil) then mixes her voice with Tarja's on 'Goodbye Stranger' with its lively groove and subtle melodies. After a captivating 'Tears In Rain' that picks you up with its immediate refrain and a voice perfectly placed which is reminiscent of its most beautiful hoarseness alongside its illustrious former Finnish playmates, "Railroads" with its Japanese style is a beautiful transition as its lyrical refrain highlights Tarja's unique organ, reminding us of the exceptional soparno voice she has.

All this takes place in a melodic metal background that is effective all along mid-tempi but without much originality. At the end of the album, 'Serene' and 'Shadow Play' are built on the same mould, even if the second one is more inspired by a Viking culture materialized by powerful choirs setting up a medieval atmosphere and the most beautiful epic effect for a closer. 

Tarja has worked on a more intimate writing and has decided to put more of herself into her music, a posture that will take on its full dimension at the heart of the album with several tracks with more personal inspirations. The tone becomes softer from 'You and I' the wonderful ballad that we are eager to hear on stage with only Tarja behind her piano. The icon of symponic metal that she is today now explores more intimate atmospheric horizons with 'The Golden Chamber' in a cinematographic way on which she is bewitched by Suomi lyrics that literally leads the listener on a gentle musical journey punctuated by a feeling of fullness and serenity. A beautiful three-act piece.

Tarja also knows how to keep her audience on the edge of their seats with titles with slow and progressive developments such as 'Spirits Of The Sea', a slow litany that continues the journey into a dreamlike musical universe that encourages escape and reverie. Another masterpiece of the album, 'Silent Masquerade' in an epic Nightwish vein with intro and outro narrated on a melancholic piano background is a throbbing power ballad with great melodic force. Tommy Karevik (Kamelot) accompanies Tarja magnificently, creating a very relevant duo. 

At a crossroads in her life as a woman, mother and artist, the beautiful Scandinavian woman has chosen to exhibit herself as never before in a concept where raw gold represents life, family and passion, the jewel she has chosen to cherish and protect. "In the Raw" is probably the most personal album of Taja Turunen's career. It is also the darkest. It exposes the artist's soul, doubts, hopes and determination. If it certainly lacks a little madness to reach the heights, it will be welcomed with happiness by Tarja's fans and certainly plebiscited by all the others thanks to a very personal writing, a visible authenticity and an extraordinary melodic strength.

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01. Dead Promises
02. Goodbye Stranger
03. Tears In Rain
04. Railroads
05. You And I
06. The Golden Chamber: Awaken / Loputon Yö / Alchemy
07. Spirits Of The Sea
08. Silent Masquerade
09. Serene
10. Shadow Play

Alex Scholpp: Guitares
Christian Kretschmar: Claviers
Kevin Chown: Basse
Max Lilja: Violoncelle
Tarja Turunen: Chant
Timm Schreiner: Batterie
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