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"The cellar of a cosmic sludgecore, "Dinocosmos" closes in beauty the saga of Raptor V."
CHILDERIC THOR (04.03.2020)  
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At a time when music (especially French music) is formatted to the point of indigestion, immediately consumed and immediately forgotten, and does not seek to stand out, there is fortunately Raptor King. Not that the band is the greatest invention we've ever listened to, but its madness and lack of seriousness simply do us good. But behind the delirium of this vicious and angry casimir is a kind of U.M.O. (unidentified musical object) much smarter than it looks, a toy in the hands of guys who know how to use their tools. In five years and two EPs, the band has managed to create their own crazy and colourful universe. 

Third and - last adventure of Raptor V, "Dinocosmos" projects the reptile into space after being kicked by its sworn enemy Pelletor. Once on the moon, it dies but its offspring, Electric Dream Salamandar, soon takes over and takes its revenge.  This story commissions the band to create a beautiful artwork, the work of the faithful Mark Gregory and above all to free a more demented expression, totally free of codes and borders, and which confirms, if need be, his cheeky talent. And his audacity. 

Thus, nothing frightens the dinosaur, who does not hesitate to erect from the outset a furiously progressive temple almost nine minutes high, an epic beginning that does not prevent him from sweeping everything in his wake with his massive tail streaked with sharp ribs.  'Moon Cavern', a composition in which their genius bursts forth, reveals the tribute its creators owe to Devin Townsend, with whom they share the same schizophrenia and dishevelled mastery. Clear or ferocious, Raptor's vocals is not so far from the azimuthal vocals of the mad Canadian. The monarch's powerful performance cannot be overemphasized. 

More stocky and a priori straightforward, the four following tracks are nonetheless full of an exalted abundance between a testicular 'Salamandar' or 'The King's Legacy' where pig belching, 70's escaped organs and falsetto choirs copulate in the burning crucible of a death metal torn apart by atmospheric perforations. What can we say about this 'Extraplanetar' whose heavy base, nested with distant stellar fragrances, serves as a take-off runway for the king who shouts to the four winds while galloping rhythm and sharp guitar are unleashed in a hallucinated orgy. And let's not forget the 'The Art Of Winning', which sums up the way Raptor King is grinding all the influences in his veins into an intense, brutal and crystal-clear, snappy and airy burn. The final howl sounds the end of the journey, as if waking up from a long nightmare. 

With "Dinocosmos", Raptor King takes another step further than on his first two releases, inventing a cosmic sludgecore. In doing so, he brings the saga of Raptor V to a close. This one dies but long live to Salamandar!

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01. Moon Cavern
02. Salamandar
03. The King's Legacy
04. Extraplanar (Pelletor's End)
05. The Art of Winning

Don Coco: Batterie
Nightsmoke: Guitares
Raptor V: Chant
Indian Shredder: Guitares / Invité
Strange Kid Armageddon: Basse / Invité
Thomas Jaegle: Basse / Invité
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