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"Handicapped by a vocal that multiplies useless shouts, Passion doesn't take advantage of the efficiency of a melodic hard rock that still lacks a little maturity."
LOLOCELTIC (11.03.2020)  
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After only one year with Night By Night, Daniel Rossall decided to start his own band after having composed the track 'Trespass On Love'. That's how Passion was born in England in 2017. He sent a demo to the Frontiers label and it was love at first sight with the Italian stable. 2020 sees the release of the first eponymous opus of the quartet whose members have decided to take nicknames in order to create characters for themselves and to reinforce the positive and humorous approach of their approach. Daniel Rossall thus becomes Lion Ravarez and wishes to lead his team to the heights of the genre. He knows that it will be difficult and long, but he is convinced that he will succeed, to use his own words.

Long? Possibly. Difficult? Probably if certain defects are not quickly erased. At the forefront of these is unfortunately Ravarez's vocals. Not that it is bad, all the more so as Lion has a voice with a timbre very close to that of Ted Poley (Danger Danger). The problem is that the more the album progresses, the more the singer multiplies the useless and finally exasperating howls. The heights are reached on 'She Bites Hard', a direct and binary AC/DC hard rock that is reminiscent of the Britny Fox of the first two albums. The proximity with the US quartet must not have escaped Ravarez who abuses shouts worthy of Dean Davidson. An abuse that combined with a chorus looping over and over on its finale ends up making this track exasperating.

It's too bad because the British combo can offer some titles rather simplistic but efficient. We think of Dokken on an 'Intensity' with a hairy riff and a scathing chorus, and Kiss and Ratt are not far away on an catchy 'Victim Of Desire'. In a more melodic register, we'll note the already mentioned single 'Trespass On Love' on which the shadow of Danger Danger hovers, and the mid-tempo 'Lost In The Dark' with a sustained bass and choruses worthy of Def Leppard. Reptilian and enriched with a bluesy slide, 'Back', just like 'Lost In The Dark', is one of those interesting tracks handicapped by the previously regretted screams. 'Built To Please' escapes from this recurring problem a little and benefits from a swirling riff and an efficient chorus.

If he wants to lead his band to the top of the genre, his leader will have to set an example and bring a little restraint to his vocals. In spite of this, the foundations are visibly strong and could allow Passion to climb a few rungs up the ladder if he shows a little more maturity, both in interpretation and in composition.

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01. Intensity - 4:32
02. Trespass On Love - 4:02
03. Too Bad For Baby - 3:56
04. Lost In The Dark - 5:25
05. Back - 3:24
06. Victims Of Desire - 4:04
07. We Do What We Want - 3:31
08. Built To Please - 3:20
09. She Bites Hard - 3:52
10. Big Game - 3:57

Bobby Laker: Batterie
Chance Vanderlain: Guitares
Lion Ravarez: Chant
Weston James: Basse
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