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"The ghost of Phil Lynott and the spectre of Thin Lizzy lurk in this unexpected "Hit The Ground"."
LYNOTT (26.02.2020)  
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In order to estimate at its true value what this "Hit The Ground" represents, it will be necessary to explain where Grand Slam comes from. And to understand the origins of this combo, we'll have to go back to September 4, 1983 and to Thin Lizzy's last concert at the Monsters Of Rock in Nuremberg to discover the beginnings of this combo, because it's indeed this scenic epitaph which will be at the origin of the birth of Grand Slam.

Indeed, although Phil Lynott's (supposedly) simple solo escapade dates from July of the same year, it was indeed Thin Lizzy's farewell that brought the famous bass player to give life to Grand Slam. The frontman then took guitarist John Sykes from Thin Lizzy with him at the beginning of this adventure in 1984. Joining Whitesnake, his departure precipitating the arrival of Laurence Archer (Stampede). The band toured throughout 1984, but no label was convinced, Lynott dragging a reputation of junky. The combo will give its last concert on December 4 without having been able to release its first album. On January 4, 1986, Phil leaves us orphan and the silence becomes deafening... More than thirty years later, tired of hearing about the combo only as a myth, Laurence Archer chooses to force destiny by releasing this first album, a pride that was so painfully denied to him so long ago. 

This miraculous opus is released thanks to the combined talents of Laurence Archer, Dave Boyce (Samson, The Quireboys) on bass, Benjy Reid (Praying Mantis) on drums and, last but not least, Mike Dyer on mic. Coming from the world of London musicals (Jesus-Christ Superstar, Notre-Dame de Paris, Blood Brothers), the artist, without in any way mimic Lynott, manages without any context to recall the Master's voice while evoking Gary Moore's one. This is just perfect for interpreting Celtic classic rock melodies played with the hard rock fervour that characterized King Lizzy. Thanks to an impeccable production and a will not to remain firmly cloistered in the sounds of the past, this album, necessarily very 80's, nevertheless diffuses a freshness of youth. 

The work offers ten tracks. All of them were composed during the blessed years, but only five of them have really known a previous life. The other five pieces left in the boxes share however the same DNA, that of their creator, Laurence Archer. The first five (co-written with Lynott and Stanway) are 'Nineteen', Phil's last single, sharper here than the original, the exceptional 'Military Men' which appears on Gary Moore's album 'Run For Cover', the punchy 'Dedication', heavier than in his past life, the moving and very Irish 'Sisters Of Mercy' and its nod to Thin Lizzy's 'Emerald' ('Jailbreak') and 'Crime Rate', a blues jazz rock that evokes 'Fats' by the aforementioned giant ('Renegade'). 

The five new singles respect the heritage. Thus, we are offered 'Gone Are The Days', a nostalgic track but peachy which reminds us of Thin Lizzy's 'Do Anything You Want To' ("Black Rose"), the eponymous track full of Lynott's respectful inspiration, 'Crazy', glamour and boogie at will, 'Long Road', a sensual and elegant acoustic like 'The Sun Goes Down' and 'Grand Slam', a dynamic instrumental with a Hispanic break reminiscent of Thin Lizzy's 'Mexican Blood' ("Renegade"). 

Like a radio station that stopped broadcasting and haunts the airwaves again with modern sounds, this inspired, generous, melodious and epic "Hit The Ground" allows us to find with pleasure and nostalgia an old friend. The ghost of Phil Lynott hovers on this album... Thrills guaranteed.

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01. Gone Are The Days
02. Nineteen
03. Hit The Ground
04. Military Man
05. Crazy
06. Dedication
07. Long Road
08. Sisters Of Mercy
09. Crime Rate
10. Grand Slam

Benjy Reid: Batterie
Dave Boyce: Basse
Laurence Archer: Guitares
Mike Dyer: Chant
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Je rectifie mon erreur. La note que je souhaitais mettre n'était pas 1/5 mais bien 4/5.
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