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""My Criminal Record" offers an often angry, sometimes melancholic and always authentic rock by the now legendary Jimmy Barnes."
LOLOCELTIC (17.02.2020)  
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If the United States has their Boss with Bruce Springsteen, in Australia, the boss is called Jimmy Barnes. In his 46-year career, whether with Cold Chisel or as a soloist, the singer has left an indelible mark on the landscape of his country and even the continent. To the point of overtaking Madonna and U2 in terms of albums ranked number 1 on the island-continent.

After a compilation of revisited tracks ("30:30 Hindsight" - 2014), a superb album of covers of forgotten soul tracks ("Soul Searchin' " - 2016) and a surprising opus aimed at children ("Och Aye The G'nu" - 2017), Jimmy Barnes returns to what made his reputation and identity: good rock that smells of smoky pubs, dusty roads and the painful lives of working-class people. Like Bruce Springsteen (whose 'Tougher Than The Rest' he covers here with talent and respect), the Glasgow native never forgets where he comes from and remains true to his  origins. The best example is the single 'Shutting Down Down Our Town', with its bewitching melancholy and underlying anger, about the closure of a factory and the death of a city as a result. The anger explodes on a bluesy and scrappy 'I'm In A Bad Moon' or on a southern folk-sounding 'My Demon (Gold Help Me)' about his struggles with addiction. While it would be useless to review each track of this opus, it is impossible not to insist on the general and traditional authenticity of the singer

Beyond Jimmy Barnes' so particular voice, all 13 tracks of this album (+ 4 bonus tracks on a highly recommendable Deluxe Edition) are cemented by a strong identity that allows the artist to roam within different musical landscapes without the coherence of the whole being questioned. Among all these gems, we will mention a 'Stolen Car (The Road's On Fire)' in two parts, the first one, a virile rock with highway-song accents radiating a twilight light, and the second one, more roots with sharp guitars and piano-bar. The cover of John Lennon's 'Working Class Hero' remains faithful to the original, while being enriched by the soul of its new interpreter. 'I Won't Let You Down' or 'If Time Is On My Side' are the more melodic side of the album and are reminiscent of the links between Jimmy Barnes, Bruce Springsteen and Bryan Adams. As for 'Belvedere & Cigarettes' and 'Stargazer', they offer moments of sweetness on which the master's voice is full of feeling and delicacy.

"My Criminal Record" is yet another proof of the talent of a Jimmy Barnes who is one of the few artists who achieved legendary status in their lifetime. Often angry, sometimes melancholy and always authentic, the Australian's rock is both powerful and delicate and touches the listener deep down in his soul. If the artist doesn't get the recognition he deserves in France, it's never too late to discover his work, starting with this rich and tasty opus.
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01. My Criminal Record - 4:10
02. Shutting Down Our Town - 4:44
03. I'm In A Bad Mood - 4:09
04. Stolen Car (the Road's On Fire Pt. I) - 5:20
05. My Demon (god Help Me) - 5:55
06. Working Class Hero - 3:57
07. Belvedere And Cigarettes - 4:16
08. I Won't Let You Down - 4:51
09. Stargazer - 5:25
10. Money And Class - 4:55
11. Stolen Car (the Road's On Fire Pt. Ii) - 3:43
12. If Time Is On My Side - 4:13
13. Tougher Than The Rest - 5:16
14. Reckless Beauty - 3:52 (bonus Track - Deluxe Edition)
15. Waitin' On A Plane - 4:18 (bonus Track - Deluxe Edition)
16. Tougher Than The Rest (alternate Mix) (bonus Track - Deluxe Edition) - 5:35
17. I'm In A Bad Mood (bob Clearmountain Mix) (bonus Track - Deluxe Edition) - 3:56

Benjamin Rodgers: Basse
Clayton Doley: Claviers
Daniel Wayne Spencer: Guitares
Davey Lane: Guitares
Jackie Barnes: Batterie
Jimmy Barnes: Chant
Warren Trout: Batterie
Anthony Field: Invité / Cornemuse Et Flûte
Chris Cheney: Guitares / Invité
Diesel: Guitares / Invité
Evan Manell: Batterie / Invité
Jason Bonham: Batterie / Invité
Joe Bonamassa: Guitares / Invité
Pat Thrall: Guitares / Invité
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