"More mature and ambitious than its predecessor and still without weak points, "Midnight Empire" confirms One Desire's place on the top of the genre in Scandinavia and around the world."
LOLOCELTIC (21.05.2020)  
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After the success of his self-titled debut album in 2017 and the success of his single 'Hurt' (2 million views on Youtube and 3 million streams on Spotify), it's an understatement to say that One Desire had a lot of pressure on his shoulders and was expected at the turn of the second opus. To do so, the quartet took the time to fine-tune this "Midnight Desire" whose release was originally scheduled for April 10th before being postponed to May 22nd due to the Covid-19 crisis. Considered as the Finnish counterpart of H.E.A.T. and Eclipse in the race for Treat's legacy, the Helsinki combo has had the opportunity to tour with its two rivals and continues to rely on a stable line-up. Given the promotional means put in place by Frontiers to prepare the release of the new record release, it's a safe bet that everything has been planned so as not to disappoint the expectations of fans of the genre.

From the beginning, 'Shadowman' crushes everything on his way with its cinematic introduction, a powerful and catchy chorus alternating with more melodic verses and a guitaristic wink to Journey's 'Seperate Ways'. We continue with the first single 'After You're Gone', a worthy heir to 'Hurt' with its unstoppable chorus and haunting riff, then 'Down And Dirty' and 'Godsent Exstasy', confirming that it is perhaps Ossi Sivula and his band who are closest to the throne of Treat with these melodic bombs.

However, even if 'Heroes' and 'K!ller Queen' (nothing to do with a cover of Queen) are in the same vein, the second part of the album doesn't lack surprises. First of all, there are the two epic tracks 'Through The Fire' and 'Battlefield Of Love', majestic and monumental, the first one seeing Jimmy Westerlund taking over the lead vocals with talent. A hint of 'Stairway To Heaven' (Led Zeppelin) floats through the atmosphere of this track, which plays with variations in intensity and has a luminous and incandescent solo. As for the second one, it benefits from a hymnic riff and also shows a great richness. Finally, 'Rio' and 'Only When I Breathe' bring a touch of sweetness. The first one plays more on mid-tempo and offers a melody that reminds us of Kamelot's 'Forever', while the second one closes this new album in a classic electro-acoustic format but very successful with a melancholic and moving chorus.

More mature and ambitious than its predecessor and still without weak points, "Midnight Empire" confirms One Desire's place on the top of the genre in Scandinavia and around the world. Without questioning the talent of its Swedish cousins mentioned in this presentation, the Finnish quartet seems to be the one that has best captured the spirit of Treat. After such a demonstration, it will be difficult for the other bands to envisage recovering the title of album of the year in the genre and even more.
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01. Shadowman - 6:33
02. After You’ve Gone (separate Ways) - 5:25
03. Down And Dirty - 4:33
04. Godsent Extasy - 4:00
05. Through The Fire - 6:49
06. Heroes - 4:20
07. Rio - 4:39
08. Battlefield Of Love - 5:48
09. K!ller Queen - 4:10
10. Only When I Breathe - 5:16

André Linman: Chant / Guitares
Jimmy Westerlund: Chant / Guitares
Jonas Kuhlberg: Basse
Ossi Sivula: Batterie
Dani Strömbäck: Claviers / Invité
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J'avais adoré leur premier album. Après avoir écouté le single annonçant cet album j'avais du mal à calmer mon impatience. Depuis sa sortie j'ai désormais du mal à écouter autre chose. Avec Find Me ils font partie de ces formations qui proposent du hard mélodique hyper entraînant et immersif au possible. Impossible de ne pas bondir, ou bouger son pied en symbiose avec ces rythmes soutenus mais si finement accompagnés de ces mélodies de folies. Incontournable de 2020 !
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