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"If you like a racy progressive rock but not too cerebral, "Destinazioni" should fill you up."
CORTO1809 (27.03.2020)  
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Chi va piano va sano. It's certainly the motto adopted by the Italians of Melting Clock. Formed in Genoa in 2001, the band waited 18 years to release their first album, "Destinazioni" on the Black Widow label. After such a gestation, we can only hope for a satisfactory result.

Melting Clock is a sextet made up of two guitarists, a bass player, a keyboard player, a drummer and a singer. Contrary to many of her peers, Emanuela Vedana does not give in the overbidding of decibels pushed in the treble, in a progressive metal way, nor in the vaporous whispers of atmospheric rock. With a lot of naturalness, she manages to transmit a whole range of emotions from her voice with a very pleasant medium and sensual timbre, sometimes allowing herself a few higher pitched vocals ('Vetro', 'Antares'). On several tracks, the lady is accompanied by a more harsh male voice ('Banalmente', 'L'Occhio dello Sciacallo', 'Antares').

Like the beautiful 'Caledoscopio' with its evocative title, Melting Clock's music is both very simple and varied. In terms of simplicity, the melodies follow clear guidelines that make them enjoyable from the very first listening. On the variety side, the atmospheres developed in the different tracks go from melancholy to revolt, from dream to dance, and breaks in rhythm and changes in tempo are frequent. The band finds the right balance between tracks close to the song ('Banalmente', 'Strade Affollate', the first part of 'Antares') and more ambitious ones ('Vetro', 'Destinazioni' which has all the time during its 15 minutes to multiply the atmospheres). Supported by a solid rhythm, the guitars and keyboards are evenly distributed, leaving a large part to the acoustic instruments (guitar and piano to which flute, violin and cello are added) which give the album a lightness impression.

Chi va piano va sano. Melting Clock proves with this beautiful album that proverbs often have a truthful background. If you like a racy progressive rock but not too cerebral, "Destinazioni" should fill you up.

Note: the vinyl version offers a 16-minute bonus track, 'Alla Corte del Re Cremisi' (At the Court of Crimson King), a tribute to King Crimson in the form of a medley from the famous "In the Court of Crimson King".

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01. Caledoscopio (08:21)
02. Banalmente (05:16)
03. Vetro (07:10)
04. Strade Affollate (04:57)
05. L'Occhio dello Sciacallo (02:51)
06. Antares (07:39)
07. Sono Luce (06:40)
08. Quello che Rimane... (03:21)
09. Destinazioni (14:59)

Alessandro Bosca: Basse
Emanuela Vedana: Chant
Francesco Fiorito: Batterie
Sandro Amadei: Claviers
Simone Caffè: Guitares
Stefano Amadei: Guitares / Bouzouki
Fabrizio Salvini: Invité / Percussions (3,6) / Flûte (6)
Hanako Tsushima: Invité / Violon (10)
Stefano Cabrera: Invité / Violoncelle (5,6)
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