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"Symbol of the insouciance of an era and album entered the legend of the rock with its simplicity and its disarming effectiveness, "Reckless" represents a summit of the career of Bryan Adams."
LOLOCELTIC (18.10.2021)  
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With a "Cuts Like A Knife" that allowed him to go to the next level, Bryan Adams launched his first real big tour to support this opus. Now able to rely on a solid and welded team, he doesn't forget to compose and record a successor to his first big success. The line-up that accompanies him is still the same, giving the Canadian a real band base, which can particularly count on the luminous interventions of Keith Scott on the guitar. Always supported by Jim Vallance on writing and Bob Clearmountain on production, he released "Reckless" which will leave deep traces in the history of Rock.

"Reckless" is first of all six singles, most of which will occupy the first places of the North American and Anglo-Saxon charts. Who has never heard the unstoppable 'Run To You' playing on the contrast of soothing verses and fiery choruses carried by the XXL performance of the singer? Who has never grabbed his air-guitar or his air-microphone to join the duet he forms with Tina Turner on 'It's Only Love' with its simple but irresistible riff and its sharp guitars? Impossible to quote here all the standards contained on this album or even to resist them. It should be noted however that the ballad 'Heaven', with its bewitching chorus, had been previously recorded for the soundtrack of the movie 'A Night In Heaven' before being finally included in the tracklist because of its success.

But limiting "Reckless" to its hit singles would be too reductive and would not do justice to the other tracks which are just as unstoppable as their album companions. Starting with 'Kids Wanna Rock' which has become an anthem on stage and in many sports and entertainment venues. With its big, hard rock sound, sharp guitars, gleaming solo and blistering chorus, it's now a must-see. The frenzied 'She's Only Happy When She's Dancin' and 'Long Gone' continue this tradition of infectious energy, while 'Ain't Gonna Cry' concludes this festival by making you want to jump around.

Entered in the rock legend as much by the success of its singles as by the qualitative uniformity of its whole, "Reckless" represents one of the summits, if not THE summit, of the discography of Bryan Adams. Symbol of the insouciance of an era and concentrate of freshness, simplicity and efficiency, it is one of those albums that is impossible to detach from for too long and in which it is always pleasant to dive back to recharge one's batteries.
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01. One Night Love Affair - 4:33
02. She's Only Happy When She's Dancin' - 3:14
03. Run To You - 3:53
04. Heaven - 4:03
05. Somebody - 4:43
06. Summer Of '69 - 3:36
07. Kids Wanna Rock - 2:35
08. It's Only Love (feat. Tina Turner)
09. Long Gone - 3:58
10. Ain't Gonna Cry - 4:05

Bryan Adams: Chant / Guitares / Claviers
Keith Scott: Guitares
Mickey Curry: Batterie
Pat Steward: Batterie
Tommy Mandel: Claviers
Bob Clearmountain: Invité / Chœurs
Jim Vallance: Batterie / Invité
Lou Gramm: Invité / Chœurs
Rob Sabino: Claviers / Invité
Steve Smith: Batterie / Invité
Tina Turner: Chant / Invité
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J'ai toujours pensé qu'il y avait un avant et un après "Reckless", ne serait-ce que pour le coup de pied au c.l mis aux monstres de l'AOR US comme Bon Jovi ou Journey. Et puis généralement on ne parle pas que des 6 tubes qui ont terminé sur le podium des charts US mais on associe aussi les deux monstrueuses chansons que sont "One night love affair" et "Somebody". 8 cartons sur 10 chansons c'est pas mal. Et encore, "Diana" a servi de single et aurait pu faire partie du tracklisting
Et comment parler de ce chef d'oeuvre sans évoquer "Summer of 69" ? LE mega tube du Bryan dont le titre ne parle pas de l'année..
Cet album mérite 5 étoiles, et même si les deux suivants apporteront pleins de pépètes au compte bancaire du canadien, Reckless restera le meilleur album de Bryan et l'un des meilleurs albums d'AOR des années 80. "I got my first real 6 strings...."
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