80's, Old School, Opera-Rock, Screaming vocals
"Onslaught, with a largely reworked line-up, is back in business with a hard-hitting album offering a swift and direct Thrash close to Slayer or Anthrax."
NOISE (05.08.2020)  
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Author of a decent comeback since 2004 with three punchy thrash albums, the English band from Onslaught have been keeping a low profile lately. There has been an interesting live show but also some turbulence. Only the leader and guitarist Nige Rockett accompanied by Jeff Williams remains in the line-up that offered "VI" in 2013. At their side is a new singer (David Garnett) after the departure of Sy Keeler. The team gives birth to a seventh album, "Generation Antichrist", which is very short and goes straight to the point.

This new record is a raw thrash metal album, largely inspired by the American model with a lot of direct tracks. 'Strike Fast Strike Hard', 'Bown Down To The Clowns', 'All Seeing Eye', 'Addicted To The Smell Of Death' and 'Religiousuicide' provide a punchy tone served by a band that seems already tight-knit. On vocals Garnett achieves prowess in a style close to Chuck Billy's (Testament) with a healthy dose of aggression. The musical ensemble is just as good with nice accelerations and refers as much to Slayer as to Anthrax or Annihilator in the furious solos.

Just with these tracks alone, the album is a success and the remaining titles don't have too much to be ashamed of the comparison. 'Generation Antichrist' is an intense Kreator-inspired slap in the face that has a good speed feel to it, even if the influence of the German legend is a bit too strong. 'Empires Fall' is close to an old Metallica and finally, in order to avoid a too short duration, the band offers a rereading of their classic 'A Perfect Day To Die'. The rendering is interesting but doesn't bring anything new to a very good track in its original version.

With "Generation Antichrist", Onslaught launches its new career in a good way. Without being revolutionary, his record is nevertheless in the line of the greats of the genre with a huge desire to break everything in its path.
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01. Rise To Power
02. Strike Fast Strike Hard
03. Bow Down To The Clowns
04. Generation Antichrist
05. All Seeing Eye
06. Addicted To The Smell Of Death
07. Empires Fall
08. Religiousuicide
09. A Perfect Day To Die

Dave Garnett: Chant
James Perry: Batterie
Jeff Williams: Basse
Nige Rockett: Guitares
Wayne Dorman: Guitares
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