80's, Easy-Listening, Electro, Female vocals, Fusion, Growl
"Amaranthe progresses with "Manifest", heavier, energetic and very accessible with its pop-metal side."
CALGEPO (30.09.2020)  
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Since its origin, Amaranthe blends the most primal metal with popish refrains on an electro dance background to make it a most enticing mix. Regularly accused of proposing basic constructions, almost all made up and devoid of soul, the band keeps on releasing every two years a new album without fundamentally modifying its style.

Aware or not of the flood of critics that has been sprinkled over his discography, Amaranthe proposes a "Manifest" that operates a kind of rebalancing in the mix of styles. If "Helix" had pushed a little more the electronic aspect with a lot of dubstep and dance effects, the new album takes slightly its counterpart with a much heavier, stockier and coherent sound as Olof declared at the beginning of the year when announcing the upcoming release of "Manifest". He didn't lie. Of course we find on this album the duality that is the foundation of Amaranthe, namely very metal verses sometimes dark and more luminous refrains embellished by synthesizers sounding very late 80's, giving it a slightly melodic character.

The first track ('Do Or Die') taken from the album before its release already gave a clue to this orientation (almost nostalgic for this period) with a focus on the "new" singer Nils who had joined the band shortly before the release of "Helix". His role is largely put forward on this new album which seems to have been made almost for this purpose as it occupies a wide spectrum. But let the fans be reassured, Elize's performance in a pop tessitura remains remarkable while Henrik seems more confident in his interventions. This balance with three singers remains interesting in the sense that the titles are almost like playlets conducive to immersive and cinematic vocal duels ('Make It Better').

Where the new album also gains in cohesion is that the band seems to have learnt the lessons from the flaws of the previous releases by bringing by more subtle touches some elements that were previously more coarse: whether it be the better mastered rap or hip hop intonations ('BOOM !1'), in the fact of assuming a real ballad ('Crystalline' that flows from source), or in the injection of speed metal ('Scream My Name'). Of course the way of composing does not change with direct titles rarely exceeding four minutes, but the whole seems more homogeneous and natural, less prefabricated. One remains nevertheless frustrated by the absence of developments which could constitute an evolutionary track for the new stage of Amaranthe, because the musicians are technically rather good and the three-way singing can offer potential in this sense.

"Manifest" is an album that is pleasant to listen to and which finally brings a nice positive energy, especially in this period. One should not look further than the pleasure of listening to it. Now, it's up to you to forge your intimate conviction. In any case, the band with this new album, more balanced and heavier, is progressing.

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01. Fearless
02. Make It Better
03. Scream My Name
04. Viral
05. Adrenaline
06. Strong
07. The Game
08. Crystalline
09. Archangel
10. Boom!1
11. Wake Up And Die
12. Do Or Die

Elize Ryd: Chant
Henrik Englund: Chant / Growl
Johan Andreassen: Basse
Morten Løwe Sørensen: Batterie
Nils Molin: Chant
Olof Mörck: Guitares / Claviers
Angela Gossow: Chant / Invité
Noora Louhimo: Chant / Invité
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Musique assommante ! :( Belle plaidoirie cependant même si un peu longue et un peu insistante...
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