Female vocals, Folk, Melancholic
""Mantelpeace" is a beautiful album with delicate melodies whose only weakness comes from a male vocal that is a bit behind the rest."
CORTO1809 (20.07.2020)  
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If the name Brian de Graeve doesn't mean much to you, maybe the name Silhouette will. Silhouette is a neo-progressive band whose latest album, "The World is Flat and Other Alternative Facts" (2017), received a positive review from Music Waves. Brian de Graeve, a founding member of Silhouette, is now embarking on another project, codenamed Realisea. A project that could be described as a family project. On the one hand, because in addition to Brian, we find in Graeve's family Marjolein, his wife, and Geoffrey and Duncan, his sons. On the other hand, because alongside the family cocoon, there are several musicians who played in Silhouette.

Nevertheless, if the base is the same, Realisea is not Silhouette. Firstly because the compositions are more direct, less progressive than those of Brian de Graeve's first band. The only tracks that really relate to (neo-)prog by their theme changes and breaks are 'Circles of Silence' and 'Our Stage'. The other tracks often adopt the format of 'single' songs, which is by no means a reproach, especially when the compositions are as pleasant as on this album, benefiting from an open and careful orchestration and a limpid production. Without any particular complexity, 'Las Vegas Lace', 'Strong Enough' or 'Leave Street' are nevertheless extremely pleasant to listen to.

Many exogenous instruments reinforce the quintet. Besides the charming and bucolic flute of Marjolein de Graeve, violins, clarinet, French horn and even a harp add delicate touches to a music that is light but not lacking in dynamism. Practically every track has its own little guitar solo for which a different guest officiates.

Another special feature of the album is that Brian and Marjolein de Graeve share the vocals in turn. "Mantelpeace" alternates tracks sung by a female voice and those performed by a male voice. Only 'Strong Enough' and the superb 'Liquid Domino' break this rule.

Paradoxically, the weak point of the album is in the vocals. Brian de Graeve's timbre is not unpleasant but he seems quite light to carry compositions whose romantic breath deserved better. And the best is Marjolein who brings her soft voice with a veiled, deliciously mellow timbre. Not only does she magnify all the tracks she performs in lead, but she also manages to make her harmonies forget the slightly offbeat side of her husband's performance on tracks where she is only a backing singer.

Realisea is therefore a very honourable side project, with a good writing and production, whose only weakness comes from a male vocal that is a bit behind the rest.
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01. Las Vegas Lace (04:10)
02. Deep Blue (04:58)
03. Riroda Roads (07:04)
04. Strong Enough (05:04)
05. Leave Street (06:01)
06. Out Of This World (03:43)
07. Your Part (04:55)
08. Circles Of Silence (05:23)
09. This Time (03:48)
10. Liquid Domino (04:38)
11. Our Stage (07:49)

Brian De Graeve: Chant / Guitares
Christophe Rapenne: Claviers
Geoffrey De Graeve: Basse
Marjolein De Graeve: Chant / Flûte
Rob Van Nieuwenhuijzen: Batterie
Aldo Adema: Invité / Guitare Solo (1)
Bart Laan: Invité / Guitare Solo (4)
Duncan De Graeve: Invité / Choeurs (1)
Erik Laan: Claviers / Invité
Ger Otten: Invité / Cor D'harmonie (8,11)
Jean Pageau: Invité / Chant (8)
Jos Uffing: Invité / Basse (7)/choeurs (11)
Michel St-père: Invité / Guitare Solo (5)
Mila Kamstra: Invité / Violon (7)
Rindert Bul: Invité / Guitare Solo (3,7,11)
Simon Rogers: Invité / Guitare Solo (9)
Sophie Zaaijer: Invité / Violon
Suzan Van Den Engel: Invité / Harpe (6,10)
Tamara Van Koetsveld: Invité / Clarinette (1,5)
The Riroda Schoolkids: Invité / Choeurs (3)
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