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"Whether you are a fan of Emerson Lake & Palmer or the classical repertoire, a keyboard or violin lover, the Paganini Experience is for you. When virtuosity is put at the service of musicality!"
CORTO1809 (27.07.2020)  
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If I tell you a keyboard/bass/drum trio that draws its inspiration from classical music and whose keyboard parts are spectacular, you will answer me without hesitation Emerson Lake & Palmer. But if I add a virtuoso violin, how many will think of LatteMiele 2.0? A few, probably. LatteMiele 2.0 is an Italian band born from the ashes of the late Latte E Miele (1971-1973) which later became LatteMiele (1976-1980, 2008-2014) and whose musicians are not from the original formation, which probably explains this version 2.0.

From the original group, the musicians retained this attraction for classical music and for Emerson Lake & Palmer (we know how much Keith Emerson himself liked to draw from the classical repertoire). The title of their album is explicit: "Paganini Experience" evokes in filigree Niccolò Paganini, the virtuoso violinist and Genoese like the members of the band.

And of virtuosity, it is doubly about it between the flights of Elena Aiello's violin and the incredible overlaps of Luciano Poltini's keyboards. But a virtuosity without sterility, put to good use of luxuriant compositions alternating wild movements and romantic passages nimbed of a great softness in which we find quotations of ELP (small piece of 'Tarkus' used in 'Inno'), of Paganini (variations on 'Caprice n°24' in 'Danza di Luce') and a cover of another phenomenon, on the guitar this time, 'Angel' of Jimi Hendrix. There is also a strong reference to Johann Sebastian Bach on the introduction with the great organs in 'Danza di Luce'.

On many tracks, the shadow of an inspired ELP hangs over ('Inno' and its Hammond organ, 'L'Ora delle Tenebre', 'Porto di Notte'), alongside pieces that seem to be taken from a catalogue of classical music - Romantic period (Cantabile 2019, the instrumentals 'Charlotte', 'Danza di Luce', which also makes a nice detour through jazz, and 'Cantabile 1835'). Vocals are not forgotten, however, and are present on 'Via del Colle', 'L'Ora delle Tenebre', 'Porto di Notte' and 'Angel'. Massimo Gori sings with a warm and expressive voice, without abusing the theatricality that often accompanies the performances of Italian bands.

"Paganini Experience' is not without its flaws, such as those flashy keyboard passages reminiscent of the credits of a famous 80's variety show on 'Inno' and 'Danza di Luce', or the disturbing choruses of 'Cantabile 2019'. But they can't spoil the pleasure that every music lover will take in listening to a beautiful album.

More informations on

01. Inno (03:55)
02. Via del Colle (05:12)
03. L'Ora delle Tenebre (06:24)
04. Cantabile 2019 (03:07)
05. Porto di Notte (03:59)
06. Charlotte (02:26)
07. Danza di Luce (06:20)
08. Angel (05:27)
09. Cantabile 1835 (04:08)

Elena Aiello: Violon
Luciano Poltini: Claviers / Choeurs
Marco Biggi: Batterie / Percussions
Massimo Gori: Chant / Guitares / Basse
Cluster: Invité / Choeurs (4)
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