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"Reaching heights on its opening and final parts, "Connected" establishes Care Of Night as one of the main Scandinavian hopes for AOR."
LOLOCELTIC (29.12.2020)  
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Formed in 2009, Care Of Night sees its line-up stabilize in 2013 around keyboardist Kristofer Von Wachenfeldt and guitarist Jonathan Carlemar, the last survivors of the Swedish band's early days. Born on the ashes of Seven Tears, who worked in a heavy metal register, the quintet navigates between AOR and a gleaming melodic hard rock. Care Of Night seems to gather enough qualities to catch the attention, as it has retained that of the Wigelius brothers, author with their eponymous band of a first opus in 2012 ("Reinventions") and become specialized and recognized producers in the artistic style concerned.

It must be said that the pair Carlemar / Von Wachenfeldt knew how to surround themselves with a good rhythm section, formed by the bassist Jonas Rosengren and the drummer Linus Svensson. As for the singer Calle Schonberg, his timbre mixes references from Lee Small (Shy, Lionheart, Phenomena), Steve Overland (FM, Overland...) and Glenn Hughes (Deep Purple, Black Sabbath, Black Country Communion...). The result is quite bluffing for a first album. This one follows an EP released two years before and whose four tracks are covered on "Connected". This title seems to translate the connection between roots clearly anchored in the 80's and a clear and ample production typical of the current era.

Tracks such as the fast and catchy 'Hearts Belong' with a Journey feel, and the more powerful and melodic 'These Words' on which hovers the shadow of the Shy of the last albums, are enriched with light electro effects. These tracks are surrounded by 'Cassandra' which launches the festivities with energy and an unstoppable chorus and by the aerial and bewitching ballad 'Dividing Lines', reinforced by the presence of a saxophone.

The sequel shows the Scandinavian combo's ability to tackle every facet of the genre with talent, venturing into Westcoast ('Say A Prayer') as well as muscular and energetic lands ('Give Me Strenght' with accents worthy of FM). Calle Schonberg offers a stunning overall performance, demonstrating a strong identity, although still tainted by some abuse of yeah-yeah and other unnecessary screams in the early titles. Nothing prohibitive, but enough to provoke a bit of annoyance. Fortunately, all this is quickly forgiven with 'Say You Will'. Last track of the opus, this one starts like an acoustic ballad that seems to want to take the example of Extreme. A few elements are discreetly ed, allowing a delicate increase in intensity until an explosion around the fourth minute for an exciting finale that concludes with a few piano notes.

Reaching summits on its first part and on its finale, "Connected" establishes Care Of Night as one of the main Scandinavian hopes for AOR that doesn't sacrifice energy to melody. By maintaining this level on an entire album, there is no doubt that the Swedes will quickly settle on the top of the genre, already showing a strong identity having found a perfect balance between a tribute to the legends of the 80s and a sound well anchored in their time. A band to be followed closely!
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01. Cassandra - 4:31
02. Hearts Belong - 4:10
03. Those Words - 3:47
04. Dividing Lines - 5:50
05. Say A Prayer - 5:12
06. Contact - 4:45
07. Please Remember - 4:35
08. Unify - 4:38
09. Give Me Strength - 4:46
10. Say You Will - 7:04

Calle Schönberg: Chant
Jonas Rosengren: Basse
Jonathan Carlemar: Guitares
Kristofer Von Wachenfeldt : Claviers
Linus Svensson: Batterie / Backing Vocls
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