Female vocals, Growl, Melancholic
""Emptiness Weights Of Most" is a pearl of frost more luminous than its predecessors which will seduce all the amateurs of Finnish Doom."
CHILDERIC THOR (01.12.2020)  
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The Finnish (funeral) doom death seems to be a small family that regularly sees its members cross paths in various projects that all share the same propensity to ruminate a pale and eternal spleen. Thus, a good part of the crew composing Red Moon Architect also works within Aeonian Sorrow while the drummer Saku Moilanen and the former singer Mikko Heikkilä, have their names associated with that of Tuomas Saukkonen (Wolfheart, Dawn Of Solace...). And we will spare you all the other bands, present or past, which link these Finns to each other.

Not content to have already given birth at the beginning of the year to the EP "A Life Without" by his twin brother Aeonian Sorrow, Ville Rutanen (vocals), Taneli Jämsä (guitar) and Jukka Jauhiainen (bass) found time to offer a successor to "Kuura", the fourth album that Red Moon Architect engraved last year! Of course, some will not fail to wonder about the usefulness for these Finns to lead at the same time two entities whose features that bring them together prove to be more numerous than those that separate them. The two groups sink into the same frozen vault where cavernous male voices resonate, underlined by an ethereal female vocals, while the keyboards spread their misty shroud like a canvas in which every thread is a note of despair.

But what does it matter because the essential is elsewhere, especially in the fact of being able to gather two excellent formations working in this art of pain which is so dear to us. And "Emptiness Weighs Of Most" can only quench our thirst for icy melancholy even if we will have to look elsewhere for the rope to hang ourselves. For, compared to Shape Of Despair (first era), Profetus, not to mention Tyranny, Red Moon Architect offers an extremely melodic expression of the genre that even tends to become more and more so, as evidenced by the gap that separates this offering from its darker and more massive predecessor.

Whereas "Kuura" only had three tracks for forty numb minutes, this fifth opus is instead built around a much stockier architecture. And it is undoubtedly precisely in this more traditional format that the Finns have found their way, finding an admirable and just balance between inexorable sadness and heady force, which makes them slide towards the gothic doom of a Rapture, as confirmed by an almost catchy 'Chained'. And when Anni Viljanen's vocals comes out, beauty prevails over pain, like in 'Rise' and even more so in the terminal and crystalline 'My Beloved'.

Grumpy will argue that this Doom for little girl in the middle of a melancholy acne attack, but this "Emptiness Weights Of Most" is however a pearl of frost more luminous than its predecessors, which will seduce all the amateurs of Finnish doom because they will pick up these melodies as cold as heady and this rather unique way to capture the pale and nocturnal poetry of these landscapes stuck in an eternal winter. ..

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01. Hidden
02. Chained
03. Rise
04. Dethrone The Darkness
05. One Shines Brighter
06. Muse
07. Into The Light
08. Reform
09. My Beloved

Anni Valkonen: Chant
Jukka Jauhiainen: Basse
Pyry Hanski: Guitares
Saku Moilanen: Claviers / Batterie
Taneli Jämsä: Guitares
Ville Rutanen: Chant
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