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"Without looking back, Benediction do what he knows how to do best in this "Scriptures", namely this powerful and merciless death metal."
CHILDERIC THOR (30.11.2020)  
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"Scriptures" is Benediction's eighth album. Twelve years we were waiting for this one! What's more, the return to business of singer Dave Ingram, after a hiatus of a good twenty years (he had deserted the band in 1998) was a good omen, even if Dave Hunt (Anal Nathrakh), his replacement, had not demerited on "Organized Chaos" (2001) and "Killing Music" (2008).

This late new opus thus seals a double resurrection, that of a death metal pioneer  and of one of the most revered cavernous miner of the genre. Ingram hasn't been idle during all this time, troubleshooting Bolt Thrower (on "Honour - Valour - Pride") or Hail Of Bullets and leading the more modest Down Among The Dead Men in a crust punk register, but to see him bellowing again in his historic home port is great news.

With the exception of the rhythm section made up of young recruits, Benediction ultimately lines up no less than three-fifths of the line-up that gave birth to, among others, the classics "The Grand Leveller" and "Transcend The Rubicon" between 1991 and 1993. That said, while it is usually the assurance of a stainless steel skill, this kind of old-timer comeback doesn't always result in the hoped-for success. Indeed, there are many disappointing come-backs of musicians frozen in a past as glorious as it is bygone. None of this with the English, on whom age seems to have no hold.

Perhaps not surprisingly, but with the quiet mastery of guys who are used to concrete work, they throw us into the 42 minutes of a timeless death metal. No dead time nor any nuances either, it is  just true and pure brutality. A brutality heavier than swift, however, that spreads through heavy mid-tempos like steamrollers. The result is a suffocating album, a real plunge into an unhealthy underground world.

Tuned lower than the ground, the instruments exude a mephitic atmosphere in which Dave Ingram's abyssal vocals make the walls shake. "Scriptures" maintains an implacable rhythm, 'The Crooked Man' and 'Neverwhen' sneakily insinuate themselves in the minds while 'Stomcrow', 'Rabid Carnaly' or 'The Blight At The End' are shaken by a tenacious energy.

Without looking back, Benediction do what he knows how to do best, namely this powerful and merciless death metal. Major release of the year 2020, "Scriptures" will surely delight fans of the genre.
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01. Iterations of I - 4:13
02. Scriptures in scarlet - 3:27
03. The Crooked Man - 3:51
04. Stormcrow - 3:08
05. Progenitors of a new paradigm - 5:23
06. Rabid carnality - 2:46
07. In our hands, The scars - 4:36
08. Tear off these wings - 4:20
09. Embrace the kill - 2:57
10. Neverwhen - 4:10
11. The blight at the end - 3:12
12. We are legion - 4:48

Dan Bate: Basse
David Ingram: Chant
Daz Brookes: Guitares
Gio Durst: Batterie
Peter Rewinsky: Guitares
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