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"With "Fuzzmovies", High On Wheels pays tribute to the B-movies and delivers a casual and sexy stoner but above all sincere and without headaches."
CHILDERIC THOR (03.06.2021)  
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The guys of High On Wheels are men of taste. They practice a smoky and stony desert rock evoking Kyuss as well as Monster Magnet or Fu Manchu but above all, they like cinema, but not the one that receives the honors of the Cannes festival. No, we're talking about Mad Movies, B-series or even Z-series.

This adoration for the local cinema is not new but with "Fuzzmovies", he not only pays him a tribute as sincere as nice but draws in this universe of dark rooms today disappeared, the material to forge his rock soaked in motor oil. It is enough to listen to the enormous 'Hitman the Cobra,' named after a cult movie from the 80's with Richard Harrison, of which he recycles the dialogues and some passages, to understand how High On Wheels feeds on all this underground part of the 7th art.

The successor of the noticed "Astronauts Follow Me Down" (2018) is thus strewn with multiple samples, extracted from Cannonball, Satan's Sadist or Blood Feast while the divine Tura Satana, muse of Russ Meyer, introduces 'Blind Your Mind', which launches the hostilities with this mixture of greasy titles and celestial volutes which belongs only to them. Because behind the delirium, there are guys who have talent. They burned this album in a weekend in live conditions.

This authenticity coupled with a relaxed urgency thus gives birth to an opus gorged with feeling and sweat that one guesses propitious to Dantesque jams. With in addition a kind of orgiastic excess which propels this stoner towards jubilant summits like 'Thrill Under My Wheels' or this cottony 'In My Head'. This approach guided by weed and tequila never exempts the band from a sharp writing as illustrated by the gruff 'Last Page' or the stirring 'Destiny Is On My Way'.

Listening to "Fuzzmovies", the filiation between High On Wheels and this genre cinema which is so dear to him jumps to the ears because the two share the same casualness and the absence of pretension, far from the fashions and the big productions. And above all, they trigger an identical guilty pleasure in the amateur.

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01. Blind Your Mind
02. Destiny Is On My Way
03. Hitman Le Cobra
04. Last Page
05. Thrill Under My Wheels (cannonball)
06. We Don't Know Where To Go But We Know How To Go
07. In My Head

Bruno: Chant / Guitares
Gilles: Chant / Basse
Greg: Chant / Batterie
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