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"While most of the tracks evoke the past, "Hi" avoids melancholy and overall results in a positive atmosphere."
LOLOCELTIC (08.06.2021)  
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The health crisis is at the origin of many original situations in the artistic world. In the case of Texas, the band started working on old songs not used in the "White On Blonde" (1997) sessions in order to release them while waiting for an album of new compositions. Eventually, inspired by their own songs, the Scots began writing what became their new album entitled "Hi". Recorded remotely, the members of the group being confined in different countries, these are thirteen new tracks and a remix in the company of Wu-Tang Clan that land in our playlists, four years after the nice "Jump On Board" (2017).

Inspired by his own tracks, it is a question here with the single 'Hi' which is not without reminding the hit 'Summer Son' ("The Hush" - 1999). The chorus is catchy and immediate and some guitars in the Ennio Morricone style finish to make the hit unstoppable although not very original. The problem is that Sharleen and her band propose here a remixed version in the company of the Wu-Tang Clan, which reminds heavily the exercise already realized in 1997 with 'Say What You Want' ("White On Blonde"). Indeed, if the commercial success was there, it was not synonymous of artistic quality. Moreover, to place this version in second position instead of confining it at the end of the album as a bonus is rather clumsy. But this is the only black point of an opus resolutely old school and which connects the winks to Motown (the single 'Mr. Haze' and its sample taken from Donna Summer's 'Love's Unkind', 'Heaven Knows' or the ballad 'Had To Leave').

On their side, 'Just Want To Be Liked' and its trumpet solo or 'Dark Fire' and its Californian guitars look rather like the 60's. 'Moonstar' leans more towards country with its harmonica and its slide while making us remember the unstoppable 'I Don't Want A Lover' ("Southside" - 1989). To note also the fast 'Sound Of My Voice' with its energy and rockabilly guitars or 'Look What You've Done' in duet with Clare Grogan (Altered Images) and with sounds worthy of the Pretenders. But the summits of this "Hi" remain the ballad 'Unbelievable' which, if it does not revolutionize the genre, is not less a demonstration of the bewitching and moving vocals of Sharleen, and the darker and more worrying 'Falling' with its spectral choruses.

While most of the tracks evoke the past, "Hi" avoids melancholy and overall results in a positive atmosphere. Texas wanted to escape the ambient gloom and to offer us a breath of fresh air while betting on the variety of the inspirations. The objective is reached even if it doesn't make "Hi" a must-have opus and of a great originality. But is it really what the fans are asking for from the beautiful Sharleen's gang?
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01. Mr Haze - 3:39
02. Hi (feat. Wu-tang Clan) - 2:51
03. Just Want To Be Liked - 3:01
04. Unbelievable - 3:31
05. Moonstar - 2:57
06. Dark Fire - 2:22
07. Look What You'Ve Done - 3:11
08. Heaven Knows - 3:44
09. You Can Call Me - 3:11
10. Sound Of My Voice - 3:34
11. Falling - 3:56
12. Hi (Single Mix) - 2:51
13. Had A Hard Day - 3:04
14. Had To Leave - 3:17

Ally Mcerlaine: Guitares
Cat Myers: Batterie
Johnny Mcelhone: Basse
Michael Bannister: Claviers / Piano
Sharleen Spiteri: Chant / Guitares / Piano
Tony Mcgovern: Guitares
Clare Grogan: Chant / Invité
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