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""Rockin' That Soul" by Sweet Scarlett is an endearing vintage blues rock album with a great personality."
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In the series of albums that come from nowhere and that feel good, here is one that should please all the vintage blues rock lovers who are tired of listening to more or less inspired clones of the great names of the 70s. Because the strength of Sweet Scarlett is to assume its blues and rhythm and blues influences, while letting its personality run free. This is probably due to the fact that the combo is first of all a family before being a band. Indeed, Sweet Scarlett is the Hiblot family: the father Patrick on guitar, the two sons, Vincent on bass and Rémi on drums, and Caroline, Rémi's girlfriend, on vocals. The bond that unites the members of the group goes far beyond music and is evident throughout "Rockin' That Soul", their third album.

The first asset of Sweet Scarlett is the guitar playing of Patrick Hiblot. A physical and organic playing, inherited from Jimi Hendrix, as well in his rhythmic attacks (the blues rock "Final Call") as in his short and intense solos. A game impregnated with an omnipresent and communicative groove, at the antipodes of that of the modern guitarists. All the more so as the patriarch, supported by his family rhythm section, does not spare himself to spice up his blues rock with some well-felt funk riffs ('Dance It Out', 'Set My Riff' and the very funky cover of 'All Along The Watchtower').

The other undeniable asset of Sweet Scarlett is Caroline's voice, which reminds more than once of Stevie Nicks' voice in the glory days of Fleetwood Mac. A deep and soulful voice with a bewitching vibrato, close to gospel ('Into The Deep') and with strong rhythm and blues influences ('Josle').

The warmth of this voice associated with the groove of most of the tracks of the album (except for the rather dispensable acoustic ballad 'Mandala') make of "Rockin' That Soul" an endearing album, marked by the strong identity of a band which manages to assert its personality while knowing how to show humility towards its prestigious references. In fact, Sweet Scarlett only needs one more thing to make its talent known to the greatest number of people: to release a hit that makes everyone agree.

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01. Into the deep
02. Dance it out
03. Rockin' that soul
04. Final call
05. Jostle
06. Hold my mercy
07. Last time
08. Set my riff
09. All along the watchtower
10. Mandala

Caroline Hiblot: Chant
Patrick Hiblot: Guitares
Remi Hiblot: Batterie
Vincent Hiblot: Basse
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