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""The Widow" is a clever mix of mysterious atmospheres, pop melodies and electro-rock power."
NUNO777 (08.07.2021)  
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In 2019, Hacride's guitarist Adrien Grousset and singer Laetitia Finidori decided to form a duo and compose an album. Quickly joined by the drummer Matthieu Guérineau, the duo refines a writing that he explains himself "centered around feminism, the status of women in society or the defense of LGBTQ rights" (let's not discriminate, let's add IA+). Six tracks are chosen to propose a first EP entitled "The Widow".

According to the band, the topics addressed in the EP "The Widow" explain the choice of the band's name Erei Cross, anagram of "Sorcières" ("witches" in French), as a modern theme of feminism and women's emancipation. How do such topics, so much addressed by the progressive political-media structure of recent years, combine in the music of Erei Cross? First of all, there is this female voice carried by Laetitia Finidori whose vocals, both ethereal ('The Widow') and languid ('Here I Am, Far Away'), which do not lack charisma and depth, embody the whole dimension of mystery of the band. There is also this ode to diversity in six tracks all very different and with a well asserted personality. Finally, if the symbolism of the woman were to be embodied in music, Erei Cross would be a proud demonstration of it, combining harmonic aestheticism, varied character and inner energy generating vitality.

The compositions of "The Widow" oscillate between strength and finesse, playing on moments of tension and loosening through pop melody (the verse and chorus of 'Sorgin Dantza' and 'Here I Am, Far Away' work on this duality). The music of Erei Cross displays a strong alternative face made of sharp riffs and catchy rhythms (the disco-funky 'Lilith Grand Bitch To Queer' with its sweet pop chorus) and electro additions that remind us that Adrien Grousset is the guitarist of Carpenter Brut. There are especially so particular atmospheres which reign on the EP, at the same time so different with each new title and yet participating of the global coherence of the disc. Atmospheres more enigmatic than dark, recalling Ghost's style, and providing strong images (the liturgical 'The Widow', 'All In' and its keyboards that sound like harpsichord). Participating in this harmonic density, the work on the arrangements is impressive of accuracy ('Lilith Grand Bitch To Queer', 'The Widow') and of relevance in that they transform in a few seconds the tonality of a piece thanks to some instrumental adjustments with surgical precision.

Erei Cross strikes a blow with its first EP "The Widow" with bewitching and barrier-free compositions. With its perfectly fluid assemblages and thoughtful instrumentation, the band manages to give a refreshing edge to all of its songs without going light or superficial. To discover!

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01. Here I Am Far Away - 4:09
02. Sorgin Dantza - 4:33
03. All In - 4:03
04. Lilith Grand Bitch to Queer - 5:36
05. The Widow - 3:49
06. Ainmosni - 5:18

Adrien Grousset: Guitares / Basse / Batterie / Samples, Programmation
Laetitia Finidori: Chant
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Excellent, on en redemande (vite)
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