"In a classic progressive metal vein, Shumaun conceived "Memories & Intuition" to please the fans of Dream Theater, Threshold, Darkwater or Iris Divine. A melodic and rhythmic success."
PROGRACER (14.09.2021)  
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Those who don't know Farhad Hossain should linger here for a while, especially if they are fans of melodic progressive metal since it has been his favorite domain for almost 10 years. At the time, Hossain was the lead singer-guitarist and composer of Iris Divine and the happy progenitor of the excellent 'Convergence' in 2011. Since then, the metal jack-of-all-trades has created Shumaun, his side-project that has become his full-time band.

Now well surrounded by Jose Mora on bass and Tyler Kim on guitar, Shumaun has released two albums including 2019's 'One Day Closer To Yesterday' and presents the ambitious 'Memories & Intuition' this fall. Shumaun's polymorphic metal already had some serious strengths in 2019, but now the band comes through with a much more melodically accomplished album with a hard-hitting production well suited to the band's metal.

For the occasion, Hossain put the emphasis on the rhythm section by inviting drum legends like Thomas Lang (Peter Gabriel, Paul Gilbert), Atma Anur (Jason Becker, Tony Macalpine), Mark Zonder (Fates Warning, Warlord), and Leo Margarit (Pain of Salvation). The result is a percussive and expressive metal, especially at the beginning of the album with the incisive 'A Subtle Invocation' and 'Memories Of Water' in the right line of the productions of Iris Divine. The expressive vocals of Farhad is a wonder.

Equally at ease in instrumental exercises, the American invites us to reverie on 'Jabriel's Song' in a vein close to Jason Becker with its aerial guitars and its solos or transports us in a flourishing progressive metal fresco on 'The Pursuit Of Happiness' that Dream Theater's fans will surely like. But the two peaks of the album are 'Invincible', a classic progressive metal track with oriental sounds and an immediately effective chorus reminding instantly the English of Threshold, and 'Breathing Light' with complex structures.

Some tracks are a little bit below like 'Tides' or 'A Planetary Shift' and the album would have gained in impact without them. But the variety of the sounds is very interesting, as well as the diversity of the atmospheres and the musical themes, as testifies the magnificent closer 'The Day We Said Goodbye' and its melancholic atmospheric atmosphere ideal to close the album.

The numerous influences of Shumaun are perceptible but rather well integrated. They still prevent the band to show a strong identity but the Hossain's touch starts to clearly appear. Beautifully written, realized and interpreted, "Memories & Intuition" is particularly successful and the fans of rather classic progressive metal will find reasons to rejoice during the numerous listenings necessary to discover all its subtleties.

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01. A Subtle Invocation
02. Prisoners
03. Memories Of Water
04. Jabriel's Song
05. Invincible
06. Under The Sun
07. The Pursuit Of Happiness
08. Tides
09. Intuition Underground
10. Breathing Light
11. A Planetary Shift
12. The Day We Said Goodbye

Farhad Hossain: Chant / Guitares / Claviers
Jose Mora: Basse
Tyler Kim: Guitares
Atma Anur: Batterie / Invité
Leo Margarit: Batterie / Invité
Mark Zonder: Batterie / Invité
Thomas Lang : Batterie / Invité
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