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"Horte's third album, "Maa Antaa Yön Vaientaa", is an invitation to dream or to nightmare in the darkness."
ADRIANSTORK (03.11.2021)  
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Horte is a Finnish band that invites you to travel to their country by offering the soundtrack of long stretches of snow as far as the eye can see and of candlelit evenings as the opaque darkness devours the fading day. He adds to this a haunting post-rock spirit known in England as shoegazing. Horte presents his third offering, "Maa Antaa Yön Vaientaa" ("The Earth Silences the Night").

When Horte opens the doors of the night, all hope of joy must be abandoned. The band follows in the footsteps of Dead Can Dance and Cocteau Twins, but manages to distinguish itself skillfully from them. From the beginning, the listener is taken in a haunting whirlwind with an exotic female vocal in Finnish. This language has sounds that are unfamiliar to ears, but Riikka Pekkala's vocals resembles the ethereal melodies of an antediluvian cult, at once distant and majestic. Around her, the rhythm section is on fire. Touko Santamaa's drumming is swaying and powerful, the hum of Dmitry Melet's overheated bass evokes a constant threat throughout the album. Simo Kuosmanen's guitar hovers like a thousand swords of Damocles (as on the pure rock 'Väisty Tieltä') and sometimes throws some noisy sprays.

The album is strongly anxiogenic (the buzzing sound of the introduction of 'Kilpemme' or the worrying keyboards of 'Valoa On Likaa'), but lets shine some sparks of light ('Kontaa, Ne Kontaa II', 'Ilman Nurkka' thanks to its impromptu piano notes). Horte finally succeeds in making the listener float, offering the solution to the riddle exposed by the title of the album: these earthy sounds manage to blur the darkness. However, this record proves to be difficult to access, even for purists of post-rock or atmospheric rock, as some tracks can be boring or uninspired (the end of 'Kun Joki Haithu'). On the other hand, with a rather short duration of 36 minutes, new listenings are allowed in order to be well impregnated with the Finnish darkness.

This third album of Horte constitutes a sound experience of a rather difficult access: the listener will have to arm himself with courage to reach the end of his nocturnal asceticism, which finally reveals itself quite rich in emotions.

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01. Pelko karistaa järjen
02. Ilman nurkka
03. Kilpemme
04. Valoa on liikaa
05. Kun joki haihtuu
06. Väisty tieltä
07. Konttaa, ne konttaa II

Dmitry Melet: Basse
Riikka Pekkala: Chant
Simo Kuosmanen: Basse / Claviers
Touko Santamaa: Batterie
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