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"Nice discovery with the band Caeli Concept which realizes a first instrumental album, "The Dark Playground", coherent, melodic and executed with talent."
NUNO777 (02.11.2021)  
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Caeli Concept is a project of musicians gathered around the bass player Benoit Serret (ex-bass player of Logruss, Tetrazepam and Hot Gang). Seven instrumentalists more exactly, among which two guitarists and a brass trio, come to give life to "The Dark Playground", the first realization of this French formation.

With some reminiscence of Rush, a real virtuosity and a way to build the pieces with a melodic care that reminds the compatriots of Regency, it doesn't take long to identify that the Caeli Concept evolves in the sphere of the progressive instrumental hard rock. The bass of Benoit Serret is perfectly highlighted in this short 30 minutes record. But the collective is indeed the specificity of these six demanding and richly endowed titles which blow the heat and the cold in bright and colored moods as well as dark and bizarre ('The Dark Playground', 'Strange Creature'). If the rhythmic inclination, the percussion of the riffs and the harmonic bias play obviously a lot in the tonality which is looked for, the trumpet, the trombone and the saxophone participate to direct appreciably the liveliness and the solar side of certain sequences ('Clean Your Windows', 'Eclectic Tendency', the solo of saxophone of 'Strange Creature').

We could emphasize each instrument, the balance never being broken throughout "The Dark Playground" (there is for example only one guitar solo in the disc within 'Caeli Project'), but it is the primacy of the ambiences on the pieces which appears. Because if the riffing of the guitars consolidates the backbone of the compositions (the percussion of 'Strange Creature' comes from there) the arrangements and the textures of keyboards bring them an extra soul as for example in 'Eclectic Tendency', its contrasts of retro and jazz sounds, the gloomy atmosphere of 'Caeli Project' (which punctually reminds of Leprous of the beginnings) or the epic final 'Organic Cycle' which, for sure, will evoke a number of images and feelings. In addition to the immersive effect rendered by the atmospheres, the composition at Caeli Concept is accompanied by a structuring narrative development which links the various parts of a piece and gives them a meaning which can regularly be embodied in a final rise (the most obvious being 'Organic Cycle' but also 'The Dark Playground').

"The Dark Playground" mixes several styles like rock, metal, jazz and even funk, with a modern progressive spirit and a clear sound. Caeli Concept realizes a first remarkable disc in its global coherence and its solid interpretation. Here is a beautiful discovery through this encouraging album with a strong personality.

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01. Clean Your Windows - 03:07
02. Eclectic Tendency - 04:13
03. The Dark Playground - 05:45
04. Caeli Project - 04:07
05. Strange Creature - 04:20
06. Organic Cycle - 07:29

Benoit Serret: Basse
Clément Denys: Batterie
Clément Reviriego: Guitares
Emilie Klipfel: Sax
Flavien Morel: Claviers
Nicolas Renard: Trompette
Olivier Viseux: Trombone
Paul Parsat: Guitares
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