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"Meeting of singers around the drummer of King Company, Circus Of Rock proposes, with this diversified "Come On, Come All", a stroll on the planet of the melodic hard rock and its satellites."
LYNOTT (14.09.2021)  
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Mirka Rantanen is the drummer of King Company, a Finnish melodic metal band that has released three albums. To celebrate his 50th birthday, he decided to organize a small surprise party to which he invited about 40 friends who share his taste for melodic hard rock/metal. Thus was born Circus Of Rock and its opus "Come On, Comme All".

Believing that a good song can only be interpreted by a good singer, Rantanen invited thirteen singers. Following the example of this diversity, the musical atmospheres vary according to the frontman and his style of preference. Thus, this "Come On, Come All" follows a path that goes from hard FM to heavy melodic symphonic and can be divided into three parts.

The first of them gathers five tracks: 'The Beat', interpreted by Riku Turunen (Exlibris), roars wickedly and plants in our stomach a solo straight out of Malmsteen's guitar. Desperate Cry', boosted by Johnny Gioeli (Hardline), reminds us of the Rainbow of the 80's with its catchy melody and chorus. The powerful 'Sheriff Of Ghost Town,' on which Marco Hietala (ex-Nightwish) honors us with his presence, evokes Serious Black and offers a dancing chorus that Beast In Black would not have denied. In Times Of Despair', with the charming Elize Ryd (Amaranthe), is very close to a James Bond soundtrack - heavy, symphonic and melodic. Finally, 'Tears Of The Clown', performed by Erik Kraemer (Infinite Vision), will inevitably make you think of Whitesnake's 'Is This Love'.

The second part contains five catchy tracks: 'Crossroads', sung by Pasi Rantanen (ex-Thunderstone, ex-King Company) which reminds of Whitesnake and develops remarkable instrumental parts, 'Set Me Free' endowed with a good chorus but spoiled by a Bontempi organ solo, 'Everafter', the most FM track of the album, 'No Reason', with its pleasant melodic hardness and finally the nervous 'Burning', where we hear Riku Turunen roaring again.

Too bad that the third part contains four dispensable tracks. Neither 'Never', too classic mid-tempo with dated keyboards, nor 'Caught In The Middle', very 80's but devoid of catchy moments, will manage to raise the interest.

By varying the pleasures and the voices, while avoiding to put himself forward, Rantanen succeeds his bet. This "Come On, Come All", even if it knows some slumps, is quite recommendable on its two thirds. The fans of melodic hard rock, and of works gathering several singers, will certainly find their account there.

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01. The Beat (Feat. Riku Turunen)
02. Desperate Cry (Feat. Johnny Gioeli)
03. Sheriff Of Ghost Town (Feat. Marco Hietala)
04. Never (Feat. Kimmo Blom)
05. In Times Of Despair (Feat. Elize Ryd)
06. Crossroads (Feat. Pasi Rantanen)
07. Caught In The Middle (Feat. Danny Vaughn)
08. Plywood Covered Windows And Crappy Shoes (Antti Railio)
09. Edge Of Love (Feat. Rick Altzi)
10. Set Me Free (Feat. Jarkko Ahola
11. Everafter (Feat. Tommi “Tuple” Salmela)
12. No Reason (Feat Marc Quee)
13. Tears Of The Clown (Feat. Erik Kraemer)
14. Burning

Erkki Silvennoinen: Basse
Heikki Neuvonen: Claviers
Jari Behm: Basse
Jari Pailamo: Claviers
Juhani Malmberg: Guitares
Jykä Sirainen: Basse
Lauri Porra: Basse
Marko Pukkila: Basse
Mirka Rantanen: Batterie
Reijo Stenman: Basse
Roope Riihijärvi: Guitares
Sami Virtanen: Guitares
Tuomas Wäinölä: Guitares
Ade Manninen: Guitares / Invité
Antti Railio: Chant / Invité
Christian Pulkkinen: Claviers / Invité
Danny Vaughn: Chant / Invité
Elize Ryd: Chant / Invité
Erik Kraemer: Chant / Invité
Erkka Korhonen: Guitares / Invité
Jarkko Ahola: Chant / Basse / Invité
Johnny Gioeli: Chant / Invité
Kimmo Blom: Chant / Invité
Marco Hietala: Chant / Basse / Invité
Mark Quee: Chant / Invité
Pasi Rantanen: Chant / Invité
Pete Eskola: Claviers / Invité
Piotr Sikora: Invité / Orgue
Rick Altzi: Chant / Invité
Riitis Marshall: Basse / Claviers / Invité
Riku Turunen: Chant / Invité
Time Schleifer: Basse / Invité
Tommi “tuple” Salmela: Chant / Invité
Tonza Huovinen: Guitares / Invité
Ville Sielunahjo: Basse / Invité
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