"Plunging into the arcane of an unspeakable chaos, "Fleshborer Soulflayer" displays the intransigence of an Otargos more brutal than ever, heavier and more devious too."
CHILDERIC THOR (15.02.2022)  
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While Dagoth, the one who embodies the soul of the band as well as the last historical member, seemed to be tired of black metal for a few years and lingered on the side of doom (the excellent Bloo with his muse Anna) or fooling around with a horrific dark rock (Volker), Otargos resurfaces against all odds, six years after "Xeno Kaos".

The band from France, with two decades under their belt, have never been known to be romantic, with hatred against religions and death as fuel. Far from having depleted the brutality as icy as millimetre, this break seems on the contrary to have invigorated them. As if the singer and guitarist had needed to get away from the genre to quench his thirst for different sounds (but still filled with darkness) and thus come back to us more unleashed than ever.

In fact, those who thought that Otargos was an old and soft story will be surprised to find a band that may have never even offered such a devastating album. Gone are the long retreats of more than ten minutes (or even much more) that sometimes enamelled or completed their previous misdeeds such as "No God, No Satan" (2010) or "Xeno Kaos" (2015), the quartet shows a ferocity that nothing comes to erode at any time.

The introduction 'Rise Of The Abomination', full of a symphonic and nevertheless tenebrous emphasis, should not deceive, "Fleshborer Soulflayer" presents itself as a concentrated violence, torrential fury coming from the depths of hell. If the contribution of Michael Martin (Blood Ages) is significant, constantly pressing on the purulent wounds of our flesh swollen by such a hateful abundance, Dagoth remains the undeniable conductor of a relentless set of underground tension. His voice searches the snarling darkness and his polluted riffs dig vicious trenches, just like the title track which couples with a feverish precision obsessive negativity and abrasive velocity.

Next to a radical 'Larva Venom' in its frenzy, 'Daemonfire' decelerate, sinking into a ritual almost tribal slot while 'Incursion Of Chaos' is perforated by impure blows of cutter in the middle of which spring up lines of salvific guitars. These suffocating mid-tempos offer moreover the most fierce and thus the most enjoyable moments ('Blessed By Pestilence', 'Sentinel') of a squat and insidious album whose folds swarm with emotions of a cold cruelty.

Diving into the arcane of an unspeakable chaos, "Fleshborer Soulflayer" displays the intransigence of an Otargos more brutal than ever, heavier and more devious too, to which a tenfold skill confers a relentless striking force. Perhaps he even delivers his most mastered album to date...
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01. Rise of the Abomination
02. Incursion of Chaos
03. Xenos
04. Blessed by Pestilence
05. Fleshborer Soulflayer
06. Navigator [all CD versions bonus track]
07. Larva Venom
08. Daemonfire
09. Cyclones of Steel
10. Sentinel
11. Warp
12. Miasmic Armageddon Fog [DigiPak CD exclusive track]
12. Ocularis Terribus [Vinyl & cassette exclusive track]

Astaroth: Guitares
Dagoth: Chant / Guitares
Manu Pliszke: Basse
Michael Martin: Batterie
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