Epic, Low vocals, Old School
"Unanimated associates black and death metal with epic and melancholic passages in a pure Nordic spirit. "Victory In Blood" is a great success!"
NOISE (11.05.2022)  
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Back from the dead in 2007, the Swedes of Unanimated signed a convincing comeback with "In The Light Of Darkness" released in 2009 and then the EP "Annihilation" in 2018. They managed to find the sound of their beginnings at the crossroads of black and death reminding Dissection or Necrophobic. There was on these opuses an esoteric spirit full of darkness but imbued with a certain light and a melodic facet. 

From the beginning of 'Victory In Blood', the listener understands that the band remains faithful to its recipe with a furious black death metal carried by a raging vocal. The old school barbaric style and a good melodic riff on a dark passage make their effect. The band then alternates this kind of furious tracks and dark pieces presenting a mixture of deliciously occult atmospheres. When Unanimated plays it wild, it is enjoyable: 'The Devil Rides Out', 'Specter Of Vengeance', 'The Golden Dawn Of Murder' and 'Divine Hunger' give off an intensity worthy of Watain and Venom. Just a few melodic breaks cleverly distilled allow the listener to breathe. Because the impression of dealing with the underworld is palpable. The ferocity of the vocals and the speed of execution leave no respite and glue you to the wall.

In parallel, the band signs more nuanced titles. The fury is there but there reigns on the titles an epic cold atmosphere. Unanimated finds the spirit of Bathory, Dissection and the old Behemoth in 'As The Night Takes Us', 'Demon Pact (Mysterium Tremendum)', 'XIII' and 'The Poetry Of The Scarred Earth'. On these tracks, an intense black metal atmosphere dominates, with acoustic tinged breaks, some clean vocals and majestic haunting passages. A real evil spirit reigns, with a feeling of power that gives the chill. The extra soul comes with 'With A Cold Embrace' and 'Chaos Ascends'; the two interludes bring a Nordic feel with beautiful acoustic riffs.

With "Victory In Blood", Unanimated offers a splendid trip to the Nordic land, brilliantly rediscovering the ancient spirit of black metal with a nice balance between fierce rage and unstoppable epic melodies. The album should delight the fans of an old-fashioned black sound without frills and with a sincerity that has become rare.

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01. Victory in Blood - 3:56
02. Seven Mouths of Madness - 3:30
03. As the Night Takes Us - 4:14
04. The Devil Rides Out - 3:13
05. With a Cold Embrace - 1:08
06. Demon Pact (Mysterium Tremendum) - 5:29
07. XIII - 6:12
08. Scepter of Vengeance - 3:58
09. Chaos Ascends - 2:00
10. The Golden Dawn of Murder - 4:20
11. Divine Hunger - 2:05
12. The Poetry of the Scarred Earth - 6:58

Anders Schultz: Batterie
Johan Bohlin: Guitares
Jonas Deroueche: Guitares
Micke Broberg: Chant
Richard Cabeza : Basse
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