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"LP's "Churches" is a pop album that is very much in tune with the times, retaining a touch of vintage authenticity on some tracks."
CALGEPO (26.11.2021)  
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The career of LP or Laura Pergolizzi did not happen overnight. If 'Lost On You' was one of the hits of 2016 (from the EP "Death Valley"), it was perhaps at the time the song of the last chance for the singer known above all for being rather in the shade as a writer. Indeed, after two albums released in 2001 and 2004 that didn't really find their public, the artist lost confidence in her chances to break through as a singer, the fault also of producers who didn't know how to bring her this confidence. Without going so far as to stop making music, LP went to work to offer others hits (Backstreet Boys, Rihanna, Joe Walsh, Cher...). But existing through others was probably not ideal to cure her doubts or even her malaise.

Then in 2016 came this cathartic song, composed after a breakup, thanks to which LP, as a performer, finally met her public. This burst of light has not changed since then, leading her in particular to collaborate with Mylène Farmer ('N'oublie Pas' in duet). "Churches" is LP's sixth album in 20 years (four of which have been released in the last eight years, that's how much confidence she has regained!) The artist who considers herself as a sailor on the ocean is once again naked (or almost on the cover) in this new album.

This new record takes a slightly optimistic turn that contrasts with the context in which it was released. Not that it is fundamentally cheerful, but listening to it in one go brings a certain inner satisfaction. From the start, LP welcomes us on the steps of a church with 'When We Touch' with its celestial and vaporous choirs that accompany the singer's calm voice until the luminous chorus mixed louder. As for 'Goodbye', it has all the trappings of a modern pop hit with its light and festive electro melody that shows that LP knows how to live with its time. But without sinking into the easy solution, the artist keeps a folk flavor that warms up the atmospheres by its more organic aspect. 'Rainbow' reminds us of his first love for the acoustic guitar without any artifice, except for some accentuated voice effects that do not bring much to the song. These defects will be erased in the intimist 'Churches' reduced to its simplest guitar-vocal device.

LP's life seems to be more peaceful nowadays, which is reflected in this album with lighter and calmer atmospheres. The voice remains high with sometimes fragilities which testify of the experiment of a musician who knew to leave personal and professional trials ('Angels'), whose music seems to be used as an outlet. She has a childish and quite singular tone which cannot leave one indifferent. She makes of these imperfections a strength and if the album is not free of defects by trying to modernize too much some pieces to stick to the current time by the means of superfluous effects, it is full of endearing and sincere melodies.

LP's "Churches" is a pop album well in the air of time, preserving a bit of authenticity somewhat vintage on some tracks. If it lacks a track as striking as 'Lost In You' and is too generous in spite of its final twist ('Poem'), it remains a new stone to the shimmering edifice of an American singer with a great talent of composition in the wake of Sia.

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01. When We Touch
02. Goodbye
03. Everybody's Falling In Love
04. The One That You Love
05. Rainbow
06. One Last Time
07. My Body
08. Angels
09. How Low Can You Go
10. Yes
11. Conversation
12. Safe Here
13. Can't Let You Leave
14. Churches
15. Poem

Lp: Chant / Guitares
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