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"Exodus is back in business with a nice "Persona Non Grata" that offers some first class Thrash tracks."
NOISE (02.02.2022)  
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We had to be patient to welcome the twelfth album of Exodus. More than seven years have passed since the release of "Blood In Blood Out". Gary Holt has been busy with Slayer, accompanying the end of the thrash legend's career. The pandemic also delayed the record as did Tom Hunting's illness. But patience is rewarded, "Persona Non Grata" is here. "Blood In Blood Out" was a good vintage but had the defect of being a little long. Exodus always have a bad tendency to fill their records too much, whereas thrash music essentially demands albums barely exceeding 40 minutes.

The new opus starts in a nice way with 'Persona Non Grata'. On seven minutes, Exodus offers a thrash orgy. The title multiplies the interventions of high flight balanced by a duo Holt / Altus very complicit in perfect osmosis. On vocals, Souza belches with the energy we know while Hunting pounds his drums with energy and an impressive technique: the frustration of a long wait is evacuated at once. 'R.E.M.F.', 'Slipping Into Madness' and 'Prescribing Horror' are successes, the joy of the musicians to play together again is palpable. The first two tracks are thrashy slaps carried by a Souza in great shape. He screams, accompanies the hardcore-like choruses with talent and a huge vitality. '(Prescribing Horror' is dark and haunting, nervous but less "speed", airing the record with an affirmed melodic side.

The rest of the album is interesting but with some nuances. Exodus has still filled its album. The good point comes from 'The Years Of Death And Dying'. The band adds to its basic recipe a catchy chorus not far from the spirit of the melodic death scene for an effective result. The rest is divided between more classic songs, which capture the attention thanks to an aggressive side and a sustained rhythm but which do not have the little extra which characterized the beginning of album, and titles which turn in circle, too long and repetitive.

In spite of these small drawbacks, "Persona Non Grata" is a very recommendable opus for any thrash fan. Exodus signs there some nice hits and shows that one can remain relevant even with almost forty years in the service of its style.
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01. Persona Non Grata - 7:30
02. R.E.M.F. - 4:22
03. Slipping into Madness - 5:33
04. Elitist - 3:58
05. Prescribing Horror - 5:09
06. The Beatings Will Continue (Until Morale Improves) - 3:01
07. The Years Of Death And Dying - 5:22
08. Clickbait - 4:31
09. Cosa del Pantano - 1:13
10. Lunatic-Liar-Lord - 7:59
11. The Fires of Division - 5:23
12. Antiseed - 6:17

Gary Holt: Guitares
Jack Gibson: Basse
Lee Altus: Guitares
Steve "Zetro" Souza: Chant
Tom Hunting: Batterie
Cody Souza: Invité / Choeurs
Nick Souza: Invité / Choeurs
Rick Hunolt: Guitares / Invité / Choeurs
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