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"With "Lordiversity", Lordi pushes with talent his delirium to its paroxysm with seven discs in different styles which nevertheless keep the coherence to this essential box."
LOLOCELTIC (02.02.2022)  
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In the category of artists who don't set any limits and expressing their madness all the way, we might say that Lordi holds a special place. We will not go back on the "monstrous" identity of the Finns, nor on the details of their discography which has already seen them exceed certain limits at the expense of artistic interest ("Sexorcism" - 2018). On the other hand, we will mention their opus of the year 2020, "Killection", on which they offered the "fictitious compilation of a band that never existed". As successful as surprising, this album was unfortunately interrupted by a certain Covid. But far from letting himself down, Mr. Lordi launched himself into a new delirious challenge: to give life to the discography of this imaginary group. Originally, he wanted to double Lordi's repertoire with ten albums, but AFM only accepted five of them. After bitter negotiations, the "Lordiversity" box set finally included seven albums, which we will try to present to you as briefly as possible despite its immense richness.

The first important fact to take into account is that each record has its own fictitious release date, its specific and assumed influences and above all, its musical style corresponding finally to each element composing the artistic identity of Lordi. The most surprising ones are undoubtedly "Superflytrap" and "The Masterbeast From The Moon". Supposed to have been released in 1979, the first one is no more than a disco album with a rock sauce, of which we could have had a preview with 'Zombibo' on "Killection". Carried by the sense of the unbeatable chorus of the Finns and by a contagious good mood, it triggers a shamefully addictive pleasure and brings a welcome freshness in these troubled times. If the obvious influences are Earth, Wind & Fire, Boney M and the Bee Gees, the shadows of Abba's Swedish cousins ('Macho Freak', 'Believe Me') and of Kiss from the "Dynasty" period (1979) hovering over the album.

The second one plunges us with as much astonishment as delight into a progressive rock of the origins. Announced as dating from 1981 and being inspired by Rush and Pink Floyd, it reminds more the Alice Cooper of the period "Welcome To My Nightmare" (1975) but respects perfectly the codes of the genre with some cinematic, orchestral and grandiloquent pieces of the best effect ('Moonbeast', 'Celestial Serpents' or 'Church Of Succubus').

A little less surprising, the fifth opus of the set, "Humanimals" plunges into the hard FM and proves to be particularly effective. With its unstoppable refrains ('Borderline', 'Heart Of A Lion') and deliciously old-fashioned keyboards, the influence of Desmond Child's different productions is obvious, even if those of Bon Jovi ('Victims Of The Romance'), Alice Cooper ('The Bullet Bites Back') and Kiss ('Rucking Up The Party') are also accepted. Supposedly created in 1989, this collection of small melodic bombs is a real treat, sweet and addictive.

And then there is this "Spooky Sextravaganza Spectacular" which comes to conclude the box set with a great indus-electro announced as being inspired by Rob Zombie. It is true that it is difficult to deny the importance of the American in the identity of the Finnish monsters, in particular on the visual level. However, he shares the place here with the shadows of Marilyn Manson ('Goliath') and the Germans of Die Krupps ('Re-Animate', 'Lizzard Of Oz'). If all the Lordi's fans won't be necessarily sensitive to the atmosphere of this opus, we have to admit that the quintet comes out once again with all the honors.

The rest, though not lacking in interest, is closer to what the quintet from Rovaniemi is used to offer us. First opus of the box set with a fictitious release date in 1975, "Skelectric Dinosaur" is a tribute to the hard rock of the 70's and in particular to Kiss and Alice Cooper, recurring influences and coming back on several of the records according to the time. And if it is true that the cover of AC/DC's "'74 Jailbreak" is parodied in the booklet while the riff of "Starsign Spitfire" reminds of the Young brothers' gang, the rest of the tracks indeed honor the two announced monuments. The King Of The Head Staker's Mountain' even goes as far as to copy the New Yorkers' 'God Of Thunder' ("Destroyer" - 1976).

As surprising as it may seem, it is the record closest to the identity of the Finnish monsters that triggers the least interest despite its quality. "Abusement Park" is supposed to have been released in 1984 and offers a hard heavy 80's music inspired by W.A.S.P., Twisted Sister, Kiss (again and again) and Scorpions. And indeed, it is impossible not to think of Blackie Lawless' gang ('House Of Mirrors') or the "venomous Germans" ('Grrr!' and its riff directly inspired by this  of 'Rock You Like A Hurricane'). The problem is that Lordi is so much influenced by his masters that he sometimes becomes a carbon copy. The best example is the eponymous title which shamefully pumps 'Stay Hungry' of Twisted Sister. It should be noted that the cover of this opus of Dee Snider's gang is also parodied in the booklet. However, we will note some pleasant surprises such as the intervention of Joonas Suotamo, the official voice of Chewbacca, on 'Grrr!', a refreshing 'Nasty, Wild & Naughty' with glam looks worthy of Poison and 'Merry Blah Blah Blah', a fake and catchy Christmas song with delirious lyrics.

The penultimate album of the set, "Abracadaver" successfully delves us into a heavy thrash whose influences are also assumed. From the intro 'SCG Minus 2: Horricone', the reference to Metallica's stage entrances is obvious and funny. The reference is similarly confirmed on 'Raging At Tomorrow', which sounds like a demo of 'Enter Sandman'. We also find the well-known signatures of Anthrax ('Beast Of Both Worlds') and Pantera (Rejected', 'Bent Outta Shape'). More surprisingly but not less successfully, the nod to Judas Priest is amazing with a 'Devilium' worthy of 'Painkiller'.

You will have noticed that there is definitely no lack of content in these 78 new tracks (with 14 intros, outros and interludes). Do not hesitate to throw yourself into the research of prestigious guests such as Michael Monroe, Tony Kakko, etc... of the parodied covers or of the riffs shamefully but successfully copied. Beyond the immensity of the task that has represented this new frenzy, "Lordiversity" is a stunning proof of the talents of the Finns in terms of composition and interpretation. To write and record so many tracks in such a short time and in such different styles is not within the reach of anyone, especially with such a high general level. Here is a monument that will mark the history of rock and metal and that deserves as much to be discovered as to be respected.
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01. Skelectric Dinosaur :SCG Minus 7: The Arrival - 1:09
02. Skelectric Dinosaur : Day Off Of The Devil - 3:33
03. Skelectric Dinosaur : Starsign Spitfire - 3:03
04. Skelectric Dinosaur : Maximum-O-Lovin' - 2:23
05. Skelectric Dinosaur : The King On The Head Staker's Mountain - 5:21
06. Skelectric Dinosaur : Carnivore - 3:30
07. Skelectric Dinosaur : Phantom Lady - 3:16
08. Skelectric Dinosaur : The Tragedy of Annie Mae - 3:45
09. Skelectric Dinosaur : Blow My Fuse - 3:35
10. Skelectric Dinosaur :. ..And Beyond the Isle was Mary - 2:15
11. Superflytrap : SCG Minus 6: Delightful Pop-Ins - 1:08
12. Superflytrap : Macho Freak - 3:42
13. Superflytrap : Believe Me - 4:27
14. Superflytrap : Spooky Jive - 3:55
15. Superflytrap : City Of The Broken Hearted - 4:02
16. Superflytrap : Bella From Hell - 3:26
17. Superflytrap : Cast Out From Heaven - 3:51
18. Superflytrap : Gonna Do It (or Do It And Cry) - 2:51
19. Superflytrap : Zombimbo - 4:52
20. Superflytrap : Cinder Ghost Choir - 6:06
21. The Masterbeast From The Moon : Scg Minus 5: Transmission Request - 1:35
22. The Masterbeast From The Moon : Moonbeast - 6:29
23. The Masterbeast From The Moon : Celestial Serpents - 6:07
24. The Masterbeast From The Moon : Hurricane Of The Slain - 3:00
25. The Masterbeast From The Moon : Spear Of The Romans - 5:46
26. The Masterbeast From The Moon : Bells Of The Netherworld - 3:01
27. The Masterbeast From The Moon : Transmission Reply - 0:20
28. The Masterbeast From The Moon : Church Of Succubus - 11:58
29. The Masterbeast From The Moon : Soliloquy - 1:51
30. The Masterbeast From The Moon : Robots Alive! - 4:09
31. The Masterbeast From The Moon : Yoh-haee-von - 1:17
32. The Masterbeast From The Moon : Transmission On Repeat - 1:04
33. Abusement Park : SCG Minus 4: The Carnival Barker - 0:54
34. Abusement Park : Abusement Park - 3:33
35. Abusement Park : Grrr! - 3:48
36. Abusement Park : Ghost Train - 3:18
37. Abusement Park : Carousel - 4:24
38. Abusement Park : House Of Mirrors - 3:51
39. Abusement Park : Pinball Machine - 3:34
40. Abusement Park : Nasty, Wild And Naughty - 3:10
41. Abusement Park : Rollercoaster - 4:45
42. Abusement Park : Up To No Good - 4:02
43. Abusement Park : Merry Blah Blah Blah - 4:05
44. Humanimals : SCG Minus 3: Scarctic Circle Telethon - 1:20
45. Humanimals : Borderline - 4:12
46. Humanimals : Victims Of The Romance - 3:47
47. Humanimals : Heart Of A Lion - 4:33
48. Humanimals : The Bullet Bites Back - 4:07
49. Humanimals : Be My Maniac - 3:40
50. Humanimals : Rucking Up The Party - 4:07
51. Humanimals : Girl In A Suitcase - 4:07
52. Humanimals : Supernatural - 3:49
53. Humanimals : Like A Bee To The Honey (ft. Michael Monroe) - 4:15
54. Humanimals : Humanimal - 3:53
55. Abracadaver : SCG Minus 2: Horricone - 1:18
56. Abracadaver : Devilium - 3:46
57. Abracadaver : Abracadaver - 3:41
58. Abracadaver : Rejected - 3:44
59. Abracadaver : Acid Bleeding Eyes - 3:28
60. Abracadaver : Raging At Tomorrow - 5:01
61. Abracadaver : Beast Of Both Worlds - 4:59
62. Abracadaver : I'm Sorry I'm Not Sorry - 3:34
63. Abracadaver : Bent Outta Shape - 5:05
64. Abracadaver : Evil - 4:35
65. Abracadaver : Vulture Of Fire - 3:47
66. Abracadaver : Beastwood - 0:56
67. Spooky Sextravaganza Spectacular : SCG Minus 1: The Ruiz Ranch Massacre - 3:26
68. Spooky Sextravaganza Spectacular : Demon Supreme - 3:31
69. Spooky Sextravaganza Spectacular : Re-Animate - 4:13
70. Spooky Sextravaganza Spectacular : Lizzard Of Oz - 4:08
71. Spooky Sextravaganza Spectacular : Killusion - 3:09
72. Spooky Sextravaganza Spectacular : Skull And Bones (the Danger Zone) - 3:16
73. Spooky Sextravaganza Spectacular : Goliath - 4:41
74. Spooky Sextravaganza Spectacular : Drekavac - 3:28
75. Spooky Sextravaganza Spectacular : Terror Extra-Terrestrial - 4:30
76. Spooky Sextravaganza Spectacular : Shake The Baby Silent - 3:36
77. Spooky Sextravaganza Spectacular : If It Ain't Broken (Must Break It) - 3:24
78. Spooky Sextravaganza Spectacular : Anticlimax - 0:18

Amen: Guitares
Hella: Claviers / Chœurs
Hiisi: Basse
Mana: Batterie / Chœurs
Mr Lordi: Chant / Guitares / Whistle
Annariina Rautanen: Invité / Flûte
Jessica Love: Invité / Chœurs
Joonas Suotamo: Invité / Chewbacca Voice
Kari A. Kilgast: Invité / Chœurs
Michael Monroe: Invité / Saxophone
Tony Kakko: Invité / Chœurs
Tracy Lipp: Invité / Chœurs
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Je donne une note de 4 car il y a du boulot et c est dans l ensemble bien plus intéressant que leur précédents album. Mais ça n empêche qu il ' y a que abracadaver qui s en sort bien et une partie de spokky , superfly et humanimals. Skelectric ne sert a rien , masterbeast et abusement sont sans intérêt.
Tout n'est pas parfait ou forcément très original, mais la masse de boulot et la qualité d'ensemble sont bluffantes. Ce groupe mérite bien plus de reconnaissance et de respect qu'il n'en a.
Ca va être chaud de constituer une set list pour les concerts à venir (Je les ai toujours trouvés bon sur scène... sauf au Hellfest, hélas, qui aurait dû leur permettre d'exploser, et qui les a largement discrédités)
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