Growl, Low vocals, Technical
""A Valediction" is Obscura's most successful record, perfect in its interpretation and in the accuracy of its message."
THIBAUTK (03.02.2022)  
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Obscura is a reference in technical and progressive death. The Germans offer a music that navigates between rage, technical flights and guitars worthy of Dream Theater. Three years after a very good "Diluvium", varied and powerful, the band offers "A Valediction" which will certainly not be a farewell... quite the contrary.

As soon as 'Forsaken' a wind of progressive blows, even if the band hesitates between soft passages of silky arpeggios topped with fretless bass and cavalcades of technical guitars. This title is a majestic six-string surge, whose red thread is the melody. Melody which is found on 'The Beyond' with the superb introduction of fluid guitar or on 'When Stars Collide' when Christian plays a neoclassical score. This last track is the occasion for Bjorn Strid (Soilwork) to deliver some emotional vocal lines. With the instrumental 'Orbital Elements II', the band asserts its mastery of prog, evoking Beyond Creation, Death or Watchtower. But far from being a pure sterile demonstration, the technique is here at the service of the emotion and the beauty.
Obscura also knows how to be heavy... It is the case of 'Devoured Usurper' where the riffs are made of reinforced concrete and the vocal is cavernous. The melodic and technical orientation is allied to the power on the very direct 'Solaris' shaken by thundering blasts, while 'A Valediction' is in balance between ferocity and technique. 'Heritage', which closes the record, synthesizes all these tendencies: the one for violence, the one for silky arpeggios and the one for shredded guitars and emotion. And for the surprise, the disc ends on a note of appeasement, a soft atmosphere, a serene calm.

"A Valediction" is a very beautiful album which shows the extent of Obscura's talent. Here is his most successful album, perfect in its interpretation and in the accuracy of its subject, in balance between technique, power and softness.
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01. Forsaken - 7:16
02. Solaris - 3:41
03. A Valediction - 3:27
04. When Stars Collide - 5:08
05. In Unity - 4:48
06. Devoured Usurper - 5:30
07. The Beyond - 3:49
08. Orbital Elements II - 4:01
09. The Neuromancer - 4:41
10. In Adversity - 4:09
11. Heritage - 5:02

Christian Muenzner: Guitares
David Diepold: Batterie
Jeroen Paul Thesseling: Basse
Steffen Kummerer: Chant / Guitares
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