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"By mixing rage and pain within their multi-faceted metal, Primalfrost makes "Lost Elegies" both captivating and agressive."
LOLOCELTIC (07.04.2022)  
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Behind Primalfrost is a man, Dean Paul Arnold. At the age of sixteen, the Canadian released his first EP entitled "Chapters Of Time" before following it up two years later with the album "Prosperous Visions", which caught the attention of the so-called extreme metal fans, not only because of the young age of its composer and performer, but also because of its quality. When you know that the guy is in charge of the vocals, all the instruments, the orchestrations and the programming, you only can be amazed. After a stint with Vital Remains in which he held the six-string from 2015 to 2019, and Belphegor that he accompanied live, the little North American genius finally releases a sequel to his 2014 opus with an eagerly awaited "Lost Elegies" and once again endowed with a superb cover.

Although classified in the death metal category, the work of the Quebecer covers however vast territories by encompassing elements belonging as well to folk metal as to black metal and melodic death as to viking metal. All of this results in a powerful and epic work that takes us to the middle of icy landscapes crossed by violent snowstorms and brave and angry warriors. It is particularly the case on the first part of the opus which connects the three singles released before the release of the album ('Maelstrom', 'Nomad' and 'Stormbearer') and among which just slipped a strong 'Bringer Of Immensity'. The soli are scathing and fast, the vocals are raging, the drums are epileptic and the riffs are heavy without forgetting to remain melodic.

All this keeps an epic approach despite the relatively small size of the tracks. But just as a certain lack of nuance begins to be felt, Primalfrost offers us 'Voyage Into Ruins', whose nine-plus minutes incorporate more folk elements, tempo changes and ambient variations. Bewitching while remaining combative, this title makes "Lost Elegies" switch to a more cinematic and symphonic second part. Power, rage and warlike rides remain dominant but the fluctuations of intensity allow the whole to breathe and to keep the attention captive of these warlike adventures in the middle of landscapes frozen in snow and ice. Closing the set with its almost eleven minutes varied and rich in themes, 'Tenebrous Skies' confirms the talent of its author and interpreter and leaves the listener waiting for new Nordic odysseys.

By mixing rage and pain within its multi-faceted metal, Primalfrost makes 'Lost Elegies' a work that is both captivating and agressive. With this opus, the Canadian will satisfy Amon Amarth and Insomnium fans as well as Bathory, Immortal and Wintersun fans. It remains to hope that Dean Paul Arnold will succeed in surrounding himself to move his work on stage to meet an audience that will do well to cover itself before settling in the pit because the north wind that "Lost Elegies" makes blow may freeze more than one on the spot.

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01. Maelstrom - 5:11
02. Bringer Of Immensity - 4:36
03. Nomad - 3:38
04. Stormbearer - 4:16
05. Voyage Into Ruin - 9:06
06. Solace Kingdom - 5:59
07. As Embers Wane - 1:57
08. Tenebrous Skies - 10:59

Dean Arnold: Chant / Guitares / Basse / Claviers / Batterie / Orchestrations Et Programmation
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Très sympa. Le titre présenté ressemble au Insomnium de "Above the Weeping World" avec de belles mélodies et un brin de groove en plus. Bref, un enfant de Omnium Gatherum et Insomnium.
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